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How Are Personal Trainers Coping with the COVID-19 Effects

COVID-19 has impacted every industry in nearly every country of the globe. As a result, every industry and individual has been faced with hardships to overcome during this time as well, but how have personal trainers been affected by this global pandemic? The impacts have truly been a “double-edged sword”.

Many personal trainers have lost their employment, temporarily or permanently, especially if they worked for a “big box gym” or private training studio. What have these displaced personal trainers done to adapt to this situation? Some have taken the risky step of starting their own businesses, just to realize that building a small business from scratch is incredibly difficult with a high probability of failure. As part of this approach, social media and Zoom offerings have become popular with personal trainers trying to promote themselves to desperately gain clients and followers, but it’s an uphill battle. Many have been creating at-home challenges, workouts for children (they need to keep busy!) and providing on-demand workouts to build client lists that never seem to grow fast enough at the right price.

GYMGUYZ to the rescue! We can help.

Are you a personal trainer? Do you know a personal trainer that has been displaced? Let GYMGUYZ help! GYMGUYZ could benefit a personal trainer by matching them up with an existing franchise and getting them back to work. For the right individual, franchise ownership is the way to go. GYMGUYZ can present a personal trainer with more clients, a recognized brand name, and an entire business system to follow where everything has been thought through and tested in advance. The opportunity is significant no matter which way you go. It is a win/win either way!

To learn more about a GYMGUYZ Franchise Opportunities contact us today! To learn more about career opportunities, visit the career page at