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Despite the hectic nature of the world in which we live, it remains essential for our overall health and personal growth to be able to take a step back every now and then… especially after reaching certain levels or milestones in our lives. It could be a new promotion or raise at work. Perhaps you’ve finally put together the down payment for that house you and your spouse have been eying for the past year. Or maybe you’ve become part of the GYMGUYZ team and are basking in the glow of becoming a new franchisee! Any or all of these may be watershed moments in our lives… things that we’ll look back on with pride. The question then becomes “what next?”

Therein lies the rub: it’s in our nature to never be truly satisfied. And this isn’t necessarily a negative. Let’s say you’ve just begun your new career as the proud owner and operator of your very own GYMGUYZ franchise. Where do you go from here? This is where the importance of Goal Setting comes into play. And nothing crazy like “1000 new clients by the end of the first month.” We’re talking achievable goals here. There’s a great old saying I’m fond of — “Yard by yard, life is hard. Inch by inch, life’s a cinch.” Set small, short-term goals that don’t require huge leaps of faith and logic to achieve. Dream big… and make sure your plan sets the course for steady progress. Remember, you can always take comfort in the fact that you’ll have the full support of the entire GYMGUYZ team, every step of the way!