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It’s an unfortunate fact of life that no matter how healthy you are, how well you eat, how effective your GYMGUYZ workouts are, even how much rest you get day-to day… at some point, you’ll wake up in the morning feeling lousy. Or you’ll be having your normal day, then all of a sudden at 5PM you can’t believe how much your entire body aches and you’re gripped by the sudden urge to find your bed and crawl into it. By this point, there’s no getting around it: you’re sick… and it’ll likely be at least a few days until you can get back to feeling well and into your regular routine.

So what do you do? Obviously, if it’s possible to take off from work, do so. Not only will you spare your co-workers from the wrath of whatever’s bugging you (no pun intended), the more rest you get, the quicker the illness will pass through your system. Still, GYMGUYZ is more interested in the psychological aspect of being sick. Sometimes, you feel so horrible that you can barely sit up, let alone stress over missing workouts or going off your typical daily diet. But what about when you just have a cold, or other mild illness? Is it really ok to exercise, or should you force yourself to back off until you’re 100%? This is a personal thing; certain people seem to be able to train through minor illnesses without missing a beat, while others just make themselves sicker. How do you know which camp you fall into? In next week’s column, we’ll go into more detail about training/not training when you’re sick… and give you a better idea of how to survive your next illness.