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So many exciting things going on in the world of GYMGUYZ! You already know that GYMGUYZ pioneered the notion of personal trainers catering to the client (rather than the other way around), by eliminating the need to meet at the local gym, but instead bringing the gym to the client. We’ve taken things a step further… and we’re now the unquestioned leader in the field of In-Home Personal Training!

You’re also no doubt familiar with the GYMGUYZ logo, which is affixed to the side of each of our company vehicles. Not only are we soon to unveil an entirely NEW company logo, we’re also getting a new fleet of our specially-modified vans! It’s all just another way in which we’re staying (way) ahead of the curve, the competition, and upping the ante as far as ensuring our clients not only the most personalized service in the training and fitness industry… but also striving to improve the business as a whole and keep as “current” as possible.