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Here’s a truth that often goes unspoken: despite the occasional over-the-top rhetoric you see in magazines and on the internet, there are very few hard and fast ironclad rules when it comes to health and fitness. Think of the whys and wherefores of exercise, nutrition, and even what your Coach might suggest more in terms of guidelines… if for no other reason than so you don’t panic or feel as if you’ve committed a mortal sin if you went against the grain and, say, had a post-GYMGUYZ workout meal consisting almost entirely of simple sugars. 

If you haven’t already, ask your GYMGUYZ Coach if her or she eats “perfectly” every meal of every day. You may be shocked to find out that they don’t! The moral of the story is, one ‘off’ workout, a few unhealthy meals, are all part of the process and have no bearing on Big Picture Success. We are, after all, only human.