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Once upon a time, the late Wendy’s franchise founder Dave Thomas hit upon a marketing idea that was by turns funny, clever, and unique to the food service industry… namely, to star in his own commercial advertising. For years thereafter until his passing, Dave was a constant, likable, and humorous presence on TV, typically alerting us in his gentle way to upcoming deals or new product concepts that would be rolling out at the local Wendy’s. Dave believed in what he was selling. In his own signature way, he was thus “walking the walk.”

Now we turn to GYMGUYZ. One doesn’t have to look any further than the physical condition of our Coaches, not to mention company CEO Josh York, to know that we likewise “walk the walk.” Everyone associated with GYMGUYZ not only believes in our business model, but in the idea that our training and lifestyle concepts are health-building, and by extension life-enhancing, for everyone who makes the decision to go with GYMGUYZ. We walk the walk, day in and day out!