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That’s right — ‘dos’ and not ‘dues!’ Here are three of the most important ‘dos’ for any new GYMGUYZ franchisee:

1. DO as much research into every aspect of the business as possible, and then some. GYMGUYZ CEO Josh York will be more than happy to point out the obvious: no one has ever failed because they did too much preparatory work! The more you know, the better your decision-making becomes.

2. DO ask our officers and managers as many questions as you want. This goes hand-in-hand with #1, of course. As you continue to gather information, things invariably crop up that require clarification. It could be making sure you fully grasp GYMGUYZ’ marketing strategies, or possibly even the precise boundaries your franchise will cover. Don’t be shy! At GYMGUYZ, we’ll be by your side to answer whatever may be giving you pause.

3. DO give yourself plenty of room from a monetary point-of-view. Don’t get caught short, in other words; you might be unable to take a necessary step to grow the business! It’s best to be conservative in approach, which in this case translates to preparing for higher expenses and a lower profit margin at the outset. This doesn’t mean to suggest that you should be “negative,” just that if you prepare yourself for such contingencies, you’ll be ready and able to meet every challenge the business world can offer!