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Personal trainer for Weight Loss in Chicago

Lose Weight & Tone Your Body for Lasting Results

Weight loss programs can offer a lot of promises, but getting results takes time, focus, motivation, and choices that lead to lasting change.

Many people quickly become overwhelmed in the process of building a healthier routine because they do not have the right people helping them along the way.

This is where GYMGUYZ Downtown Chicago comes in.

We are a team of certified fitness professionals who have been helping clients to build workout routines for weight loss and toning for years. If you feel like you want to start a new routine, but you need guidance on how to get started, we can help. Our weight loss program in Chicago, IL is the most convenient program in the area - we bring the gym to you, so you can get started in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Schedule your free first session with our Chicago weight loss coaching team by calling (312) 445-2010 now!

Overcome the Obstacles to Lose Weight

Part of our Chicago weight loss programs include helping clients to avoid the distractions and challenges that can make losing weight difficult. There are a number of things to keep in mind as you begin your first weight loss routine.

Those who see the best results remember these tips for lasting weight loss: A woman works out with a GYMGUYZ weight loss trainer in Chicago

  • Create a Simple & Consistent Routine: If you are not sure how often to work out or how long, our fitness coaches can walk you through different options that will work best for your schedule.
  • Pick the Right Workouts: Our personal weight loss trainers can help you remain consistent in your exercise program by designing workouts that are challenging yet still accessible enough to feel rewarding.
  • Embrace Accountability: You should not try to lose weight without support from people around you. Along with friends and family, our Chicago fitness trainers will provide you with an added layer of accountability and encouragement.
  • Set a Goal & Aim for What You Want: The greatest source of motivation is your vision for what you can achieve. When you discuss your goals with one of our in-home weight loss trainers, they will help you break down your goal into stages that are both exciting and attainable.
  • Get Educated: A one-on-one weight loss trainer can help you learn about your body's strengths, weaknesses, needs, and abilities so that you not only feel good about every workout but also feel confident in how to make lifelong changes.

Weight Loss FAQ

How quickly can I lose weight?

There are many factors that make it difficult to estimate until you've had an assessment and have begun a regimen. The rate of weight loss will be affected by how much intensity you want in your workouts, as well as how many times you are working out during the week.

What factors influence weight loss?

Factors that affect the rate of weight loss include age, gender, diet, medical conditions, and your metabolism.

Do I need to change my diet to lose weight?

This depends on your current diet. Because what you eat can have a big influence on weight and general health, people often want to make some changes to their eating habits to help them stay fit.

Can you advise me on ways to improve my diet?

Yes! Many of our certified trainers have background in nutrition consulting and all of them are well-educated on the subject of nutrition.

What are some examples of weight loss workouts?

Weight loss workouts can be designed from a focus on cardio or from a focus on strength and conditioning. Kettlebell swings is an exercise that is very effective at burning calories and fat. Many people enjoy kickboxing or shadow boxing as a cardio workout for weight loss. Other classic workouts for burning fat include: box jumps, burpees, medicine ball slams, battle ropes, squats, and deadlifts.

Will my weight loss experience be enjoyable?

Making your workout experience fun is a huge priority for us. When we are designing your routines, we will focus on variety to keep things interesting and we will always take into account what interests you. If you hate a particular workout, we don't need to do it. Losing weight can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be miserable.

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Why Choose GYMGUYZ Downtown Chicago?

Our friendly and knowledgeable personal trainers offer you the encouragement and accountability to stick to your goals and the one-on-one instruction to ensure you’re exercising safely and with proper form. During your free first session, we’ll assess your current fitness level, discuss any medical concerns or limitations, and get to know your preferences. Then we’ll create a custom workout plan based on your unique goals and abilities.

We bring any equipment you’ll need to complete the routine, and we’ll make use of the space you have available—whether that’s a wide-open backyard, an average living room, or even a hallway or stairwell. We even offer virtual training if meeting in person is not an option. The beauty of our Chicago weight loss training is that you don’t need to buy and store any special equipment or deal with crowded, intimidating gyms. All you need is the willingness to begin!

Losing weight isn't always easy. But starting doesn't have to be hard. Call our Chicago weight loss trainers today at (312) 445-2010 or contact us online to schedule your free assessment.