Weight Loss & Toning

Weight Loss & Toning in Downtown Chicago

Professional Weight Loss Trainers for Lasting Results

Weight loss programs can offer a lot of promises, but getting results takes time, focus, motivation, and choices that lead to lasting change.

Many people quickly become overwhelmed in the process of building a healthier routine because they do not have the right people helping them along the way.

This is where GYMGUYZ Downtown Chicago comes in.

We are a team of certified fitness professionals who have been helping clients to build workout routines for weight loss and toning for years. If you feel like you want to start a new routine, but you need guidance on how to get started, we can help.

Schedule a session with our weight loss coaching team at (312) 445-2010 today!

Pitfalls on the Path to Weight Loss

Part of our Downtown Chicago weight loss programs include helping clients to avoid the distractions and challenges that can make losing weight difficult. There are a number of things to keep in mind as you begin your first weight loss routine.

  • Create a Simple & Consistent Routine: If you are not sure how often to work out or how long, our team members can walk you through different options that will work best for your schedule.
  • Pick the Right Workouts: Our personal weight loss trainers can help clients to remain consistent in their workout program by designing workouts that are challenging yet still accessible enough to feel rewarding.
  • Embrace Accountability: You should not try to lose weight without support from people around you. Along with friends and family, our fitness trainers will provide you with an added layer of accountability and encouragement.
  • Have a Goal & Aim for What You Want: The greatest source of motivation is your vision for what you can achieve. When you discuss your goals with a trainer, they will help you break down your goal into stages that are both exciting and attainable.
  • Get Educated: A weight loss trainer can help you learn about your body's strengths, weaknesses, needs, and abilities so that you not only feel good about every workout, you can feel confident in how to make lifelong changes.

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Losing weight isn't always easy. But starting doesn't have to be hard. Call our Downtown Chicago team for a free assessment today at (312) 445-2010 today.