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9 Questions for GYMGUYZ Franchisee, Robin Hjalte

There is nothing more exciting to us than speaking with our GYMGUYZ franchisees and asking them all the questions that we not only want to know, but, also what you’ll want to know before getting into any business, especially franchising with us! Here are 9 questions for Robin Hjalte.

First, let’s find out where you are. Where are you located?
RH: We’re located in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.

Great location! What made you want to start a mobile franchise in NYC?
RH: To be honest, I actually did not know much about mobile franchises until I heard about GYMGUYZ and spoke to Josh York, the owner and founder. After speaking with Josh and the GYMGUYZ team, I believed in the vision, saw the need for the service and thought the concept was awesome.

There’s no question about the need for it, but tell us, to you, how does a mobile fitness company compare to a physical gym?
RH: I really do not believe there is much of a comparison. People who enjoy going to the gym will always enjoy going to the gym. I see mobile fitness as geared towards people that do not have the time or motivation to go to the gym. GYMGUYZ brings the convenience to the client. We customize the workouts to meet each individual client and their specific goals. We create workouts that are fun, engaging and always changing in order to hold the attention of our clients and keep them motivated.

That’s awesome! We’ve asked other franchises, and now we’re going to ask you: were you a fitness professional before opening your GYMGUYZ franchise? Do you think you need to be one to successfully run and operate a GYMGUYZ?
RH: Truthfully, no! I was not a fitness professional prior to GYMGUYZ. The training and continued support that we receive from Josh York, GYMGUYZ Corporate and the other franchisees is what has made our franchise successful.

That’s incredible. So, how did you even hear about GYMGUYZ in the first place?
RH: My chiropractor told me about GYMGUYZ!

Word-of-Mouth is a powerful thing! How have you spread the word about your GYMGUYZ franchise?
RH: We have taken part in many events in our territory, we have advertised, we use social media, and we always wear GYMGUYZ attire— (ABB) Always Be Branding. Additionally, our van is our mobile billboard, which helps tremendously as we are in the streets with our van many hours a day.

It sounds like you’ve found a lot of successful so far with your GYMGUYZ franchise, but we like to know what other GYMGUYZ franchises can do to prepare for every situation. What is one of the biggest obstacles you’ve faced so far?
RH: As with any business, you will face obstacles along the way, but we keep grinding, getting the GYMGUYZ name out there, helping the community and moving forward! So, any obstacles we come across get tossed to the side in order to keep moving forward.

Willpower is an incredible force! Alright, what is one of the biggest achievements you’ve accomplished so far?
RH: That’s a tough one, but I’d have to say that our biggest achievement is keeping our clients engaged, happy and looking forward to their next sessions. It is an awesome feeling when a client calls and says, “I want to train more days a week I love working out with GYMGUYZ!”

Fantastic! Last, but, certainly not least, would you recommend opening a GYMGUYZ location? Why?
RH: Yes. GYMGUYZ is a business, but feels more like a family. The support, the encouragement, the constant contact is more than we could have ever expected. We all see the vision, believe in the concept and help each other to achieve success. As a franchisee we can call any other franchisee and get feedback, experiences, encouragement and guidance. This is the way business should be conducted. Josh York has hit it out of the park with GYMGUYZ!

To learn more about opening your own GYMGUYZ franchise, give us a call anytime at, 1-855-GYM-GUYZ.