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Meet Our Team

  • Phil

    GYMGUYZ Owner

    Phil is an ASFA Certified Master Personal Trainer and a long-time global marketing executive with a corporate career that has spanned over 25 years. He has developed digital and traditional marketing strategies for some of the world’s largest brands, with some of his work in marketing analytics and performance marketing being featured in many books and publications. Prior to owning GYMGUYZ Greater Morris County, Phil served as Senior Vice President, Global Marketing for Wyndham Destinations (NYSE: WYND), formerly Wyndham Worldwide (NYSE: WYN). In-home personal training and fitness is very important to Phil, as many years of extensive business travel took its toll on his body. In October 2013, he embarked on a new journey of healthy living, and in-home personal training was instrumental in getting him into the best shape of his life. He lost nearly 60 lbs. and 6 inches on his waist line. In other words, he believes in the product because he has benefited from it for over 5 years. Phil loves to create meaningful relationships with GYMGUYZ clients, using his past experience to help guide others in their personal transformations. Aside from his work, Phil enjoys spending time with his sons, Max and Sam. He earned a B.S. Finance with a concentration in Security & Portfolio Analysis, and has attended several executive education programs at NYU Stern School of Business and West Point.

  • Hunter

    General Manager

    Hunter is a founding member of the GYMGUYZ Morris, SW Essex, Union, Somerset County & Wayne team and serves as General Manager. He is responsible for leading all facets of the location's operations, including management, hiring and recruiting, personal training operations, sales and marketing, and customer satisfaction. Hunter is an expert-level NASM Certified Personal Trainer and one of the most sought after personal trainers in Northern New Jersey. He loves to incorporate different challenges in each and every workout, garnering him a long list of loyal clients and a significant social media following. He also is widely known for his infectious and positive approach to fitness, along with his ability to guide clients to success. Hunter often becomes a valuable mentor to his clients, forging lifelong "healthy living" relationships that make a difference in people's lives. Not surprisingly, "making a difference" is why Hunter entered the fitness industry to begin with. Previously, Hunter served as Director of Training for Next Generation Training Center in Randolph, NJ, overseeing the training and transformation of over 300 clients. In addition to his NASM certification, Hunter has earned a B.S. Marketing and holds many advanced certifications including Kettlebell and TRX Suspension Training certifications to name a few. He is also a natural avid fitness enthusiast and obstacle course racer, completing over 30 races.

  • Veronica

    Territory Manager

    Veronica comes to GYMGUYZ with a broad personal training and athletic background. She coached Track & Field at the collegiate level at both SUNY Cortland and Stevens Institute of Technology. Although well-versed in youth and performance training, Veronica is a diverse trainer able to work with individuals of all skill levels and abilities. Most recently, Veronica was an instructor and General Manager of The Max Challenge of Hoboken, where she worked with Max Challenge members in a 10-week transformation program.

    Certifications: B.S. Physical Education, M.S. Health, NSCA - CSCS

  • Sean

    Territory Manager

    Sean has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and holds a degree in Exercise Physiology, with dual minors in Health and Nutrition Promotion. Sean is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and holds several advanced certifications in personal training, group exercise instruction, and endurance sports coaching. Having worked with a variety of clients on goals such as weight loss, injury rehabilitation, sports performance, and youth fitness, Sean loves to challenge his clients and is driven by the success his clients achieve.

    Previously, Sean served as the General Manager and Director of Training of several Fortune 500 companies in their Fitness and Wellness departments. In addition to Sean’s professional career, he has contributed workouts featured in SELF magazine, worked with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) to develop their Group Fitness Instructor Course Exam, as well as served as an advisor to the United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy (UESCA).

    Lastly, Sean has competed in multiple endurance sporting events including obstacle course racing, marathons, and long distance events including three Ironman Triathlons.

  • Colin

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Colin is a founding member of the GYMGUYZ Greater Morris County team and currently serves as one of our Fitness Directors. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science. He has experience training clients as young as 10 years old up to 82 years old. Colin has trained athletes preparing for Division 1 sports as well as first timers who have never followed a workout program. A major focus he has with all of his clients is teaching them proper exercise mechanics so that they will have the confidence to come to the gym and follow a routine on their own. Whether it is training for a sport or wanting to feel young again, Colin will tailor a workout routine to your specific needs.

  • Elise

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Elise is a passionate personal trainer who is highly motivational. She places a key focus on safety, proper form and achieving specific client goals. Elise builds strong, interactive relationships with her clients, motivating them to stick with their training program long-term until all goals are met. Her energy, empathy and motivational drive set her apart from many other personal trainers and make her a favorite in the area. In addition to being a nationally certified personal trainer, Elise is also certified in TRX and POUND and teaches group fitness classes such as barre, HIIT and Tabata.

  • Jack

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Excited and ready to help you achieve your goals, Jack Masson is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with a dedication and passion for fitness that spans over 10 years. He’s ready to share his knowledge and expertise with you to transform your body and your life for the better. Everyone’s journey is different and everyone has their own needs and specific desires to how they succeed with their goals. That’s why Jack’s background when it comes to training is as diverse as you need it to be. With skills in marital arts/boxing, MMA conditioning and fundamentals, weightlifting, yoga, calisthenics, Qigong and more, Jack’s workouts will never lack variety or charisma! Also, Jack is qualified to help set you up with an effective meal and diet plan that is guaranteed to show you results without starving yourself or breaking the bank. The best things in life don’t come easily, but are well worth the struggle when all is said and done. The road to a healthy and happy life is no different, but it doesn’t need to be traversed alone. Jack is ready and able to help get you there.

  • Brendan

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Brendan is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with a B.S. in Exercise Science. He is currently a national competitor in the USA Powerlifting Federation and has been training for the past 7 years. Brendan focuses on the fundamental movement patterns to help his athletes and clients perform at their best. Although performance training is his specialty, he is also versed in many different types of training disciplines. No matter what your goals are, Brendan will help you accomplish them.

  • Robin

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Meet Robin! Robin is a former triathlete and lacrosse player and now currently focuses on strength training. Robin became a personal trainer because of her passion for health and wellness. Robin says “I want to pass it forward to others so I can help others achieve their fitness goals while developing a healthy lifestyle.” As your personal trainer, Robin will develop a personal relationship with you while helping you create goals and inevitably crush them!

  • Bill

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Bill is a founding member of the GYMGUYZ Greater Morris County team and currently serves as our Head Coach, our way of saying he’s our Head Trainer. He earned a B.S. in Exercise and Movement Science from William Paterson University and is a well-known sports science expert in the Northern New Jersey area. Bill is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and has over 20,000 training hours under his belt. He loves the challenge of learning each client’s goals and helping them meet and exceed them. Previously, Bill served as General Manager and Head Strength Coach of Level Up Sports Performance and Training Center in Cedar Knolls, NJ, where he trained thousands of athletes from 6 years old through professional levels over his 7 years running the facility. In addition to his love for training, he also enjoys Olympic weight lifting and long distance running, recently completing multiple half-marathons as well as the NYC marathon. When he's not working or working out, you will find him coaching and playing with his two children!

  • Matt

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Matt has always had an interest in Weightlifting and Training while growing up. In addition to his education, much of Matt’s experience came from playing Football, Wrestling, and Baseball (and now as a coach for High school athletes). Matt trains a variety of ages, ranging from children to older adults. His favorite styles of training include weightlifting, powerlifting, athletic training, and high intensity interval.

  • Mitch

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Mitch is a NASM certified personal trainer that joined our team in January 2020. Prior to becoming a personal trainer, Mitch was a physical therapy assistant for nearly 3 years working to help clients overcome injuries and other conditions. Growing up, Mitch was an exceptional athlete, focusing on Track and Field where he competed at the national level in high school and went on to compete at the collegiate level. Now he keeps busy training for Ironman competitions and marathons, doing strength training at the gym or running at local events and trials.