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Phil is an ASFA Certified Master Personal Trainer and a long-time global marketing executive with a corporate career that has spanned over 25 years. He has developed digital and traditional marketing strategies for some of the world’s largest brands, with some of his work in marketing analytics and performance marketing being featured in many books and publications. Prior to owning GYMGUYZ Greater Morris County, Phil served as Senior Vice President, Global Marketing for Wyndham Destinations (NYSE: WYND), formerly Wyndham Worldwide (NYSE: WYN). In-home personal training and fitness is very important to Phil, as many years of extensive business travel took its toll on his body. In October 2013, he embarked on a new journey of healthy living, and in-home personal training was instrumental in getting him into the best shape of his life. He lost nearly 60 lbs. and 6 inches on his waist line. In other words, he believes in the product because he has benefited from it for over 5 years. Phil loves to create meaningful relationships with GYMGUYZ clients, using his past experience to help guide others in their personal transformations. Aside from his work, Phil enjoys spending time with his sons, Max and Sam. He earned a B.S. Finance with a concentration in Security & Portfolio Analysis, and has attended several executive education programs at NYU Stern School of Business and West Point.




Veronica comes to GYMGUYZ with a broad personal training and athletic background. She coached Track & Field at the collegiate level at both SUNY Cortland and Stevens Institute of Technology. Although well-versed in youth and performance training, Veronica is a diverse trainer able to work with individuals of all skill levels and abilities. Most recently, Veronica was an instructor and General Manager of The Max Challenge of Hoboken, where she worked with Max Challenge members in a 10-week transformation program.

Trainers Certifications & Education :

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Kevin is a GYMGUYZ Master Trainer and NCSF certified personal trainer. He’s a long-time, well-educated fitness professional with a tremendous amount of experience. Kevin has trained under some of the most accomplished personal trainers in the area, including Kelly Ripa’s celebrity trainer an Hall of Fame boxer Alfred Cole. He specializes in traditional and progressive overload strength training designed to quickly build muscle and burn fat. Kevin focuses his efforts on deeply understanding a client’s physical and mental needs, and tailoring his fitness programming accordingly. Don’t be surprised if your first sessions include a lot of great and insightful questions that really allow Kevin to get dialed into your goals. Kevin also has a tremendous amount of boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts experience and can incorporate boxing-related cardio sessions into your workouts. Kevin has earned an Associate Degree in Exercise Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from William Patterson University.


Certified Personal Trainer

Jennifer is an NCCA-accredited Action Certified Personal Trainer, GYMGUYZ Master Trainer, and PNF Stretching Specialist (Assisted Stretching). She enjoys building rapport with her clients, giving and accepting honest feedback with respect to workouts, and becoming an integral part of a client’s fitness journey. This is the reason she entered the fitness industry and enjoys it so much. Fitness has had such an impact on her personal life, and she is passionate about sharing this with anyone willing to make a change. She’s always grateful for the opportunity to be of service to anyone wanting to make a difference in their lives for the better, and loves watching her clients evolve and reach goals they never thought possible. Jennifer enjoys all kinds of fitness programming from full-body weight loss and toning programs, to traditional and progressive strength training programs that build muscle quickly and transform bodies. She has tremendous experience with clients of all ages and abilities, and especially understand the muscle building process for those clients over 40 years old (less weight and stress on joints). Jennifer is also an experienced PNF stretching practitioner. PNF (Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching relies on reflexes to produce deeper stretches that dramatically increase flexibility. It is widely considered to be the most effective stretching technique for increasing range of motion amongst physical therapists and personal trainers. Jennifer earned a B.S. Exercise Science from William Patterson University, achieving Dean’s List in every semester of her course work.



Roy is an NSCA certified, GYMGUYZ Master Trainer having over 25 years of personal training experience and countless specialization certifications including group fitness, boxing, rehabilitation, special populations, and corrective exercise. His expert-level training has been responsible for hundreds of full body transformations and rehabilitations. Roy is a former Morris County stand-out athlete and well-known for his training abilities in the area. He is cherished by his clients as both a trainer and good friend. Roy is easy going, personable, and punctual, priding himself on being a few minutes early for each and every appointment. His workouts are progressive and challenging, yet safe and effective for clients of all ages and abilities. In his spare time, Roy enjoys art/illustration, graphic design, and competitive cycling and rollerblading and has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration from the famed Pratt Institute.

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Rosanne, a NASM and NPTI certified Personal Trainer, has a passion to guide and help others achieve their best selves through exercise, body awareness, and ongoing well-being. Her life-long focus and education in fitness allows her to meet each client where they are in pursuit toward healthy and active lifestyles. Rosanne has experience training clients of all ages, focusing on helping her clients regain the shape, fitness and flexibility they desire and make future years the best they can be! She can help bring back confidence by helping you transform your mindset, develop healthy exercise and nutrition habits, and become the strongest version of yourself. More importantly, she’ll help you learn how to make this an integral part of your healthy lifestyle – while having fun at the same time!

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Ryan is an ISSA certified personal trainer and assisted stretch practitioner, and is one of our most highly demanded trainers. He has an athletic background and excels at getting results for his clients. Ryan is very focused on client goals and outcomes, so if highly efficient workouts and rapid transformation is your goal, Ryan can help you make dramatic progress in a short period of time. His specialties vary from traditional strength training to sports/performance training/HIIT to weight loss and toning. Ryan is also an accomplished Assisted Stretch practitioner and provides assisted stretch sessions along with personal training. This is an incredible convenience for Ryan’s clients, as he can both train and provide recovery services. No need to have a separate trainer come in to do your stretch sessions. Ryan carries a stretch table and other assisted stretch tools in his GYMGUYZ vehicle. Ryan’s clients always point out his warm, friendly and supportive training style, his welcoming smile and positive energy, and his intricate fitness knowledge as the things that define him the most.

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Rashaun is an ISSA certified personal trainer and group instructor. More detailed bio coming soon…

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Sowmiya is a NASM certified personal trainer, and certified yoga, pilates and aquatics instructor. A more detailed bio is coming soon..

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Madison is an ISSA certified personal trainer with an athletic background (Track & Field, USTA Tennis). She is a highly demanded youth performance and overall strength training specialist, designing safe, effective and efficient workouts for clients of all ages and abilities. Madison trains GYMGUYZ clients during evening hours and on weekends, and spends her days as a licensed social worker. She earned a Masters Degree in Social Work from Rutgers University.

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Jillian is an ISSA certified personal trainer. Her fitness journey started 8 years ago when she wanted to get in shape and get stronger after a slipped disc in her back. Jillian is also a pre- and post-natal specialist, achieving her certification in pre- and post-natal fitness when she was becoming a mother herself. She loves to push her clients to that perfect balance point, where they are working hard but also enjoying themselves.


Mitch Werth

master TRAINER

Mitch Werth is a founding member of the GYMGUYZ Greater Morris, Essex, Passaic, Somerset, and Union County training team, and a NASM certified Master Personal Trainer and nutrition coach. He holds a degree in Exercise Science and has an extensive background in physical therapy and rehabilitation. Mitch loves working with a variety of clients and has a passion for helping others along their health and fitness journey. His training style is client-focused, properly understanding a client’s goals and designing the most effective fitness program for the situation. Mitch is very adaptive to each client’s needs and puts safety and form at the top of his priority list, while still pushing and inspiring clients to challenge themselves within their physical and mental abilities. He’s a great trainer for those starting prolonged fitness journeys, or those just rediscovering fitness after a long period of inactivity. His love for fitness began as a collegiate track and field athlete. Shortly after discovering his passion for fitness, Mitch committed himself to becoming an elite trainer, and quickly ascended to a head trainer position in 2019. Mitch is recently married and expecting his first child in July of 2024!