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Brooklyn Weight Loss Training

Weight loss and Body Toning Customized for You

Woman working out with help of a trainerAt GYMGUYZ Bay Ridge, we recognize that every athlete is built differently than the next. No two people are exactly the same. It just doesn’t make sense to try to use cookie-cutter methods to help people lose weight and tone their bodies. Ask our clients, and they will tell you the same.

Our personal weight loss coaches takes things one step farther, though – literally! We bring your personal trainer right to your front door, so you can train in an ideal environment. We offer both in-home and online personal training services in Brooklyn so you have the convenience and comfort of working out in your own home.

To learn more about our weight loss coaching, call (718) 717-1078. You can set up a free assessment as well.

Why a Fitness Coach Beats Going to a Gym

When you choose a personal trainer in Brooklyn, you no longer have to worry about:

  • Getting ready to drive to the gym
  • Sitting in traffic
  • Finding parking
  • Fighting for equipment.

With our in-home weight loss training program in Brooklyn, you can get in shape and shed fat all in the comfort of your own living room.

The solution is coming up with a customized weight loss regimen that is supported by a personal trainer. Call (718) 717-1078 to learn more!

weight loss & toning exercises Start with Cardiovascular Exercises

One cornerstone of a weight loss program is cardiovascular exercise that gets your heart pumping and builds stamina. Demanding more from your cardiovascular and respiratory systems is a workout, indeed. Depending on the pace you want to set and your body type, you might be able to see the pounds disappear in just a few sessions.

We can come up with a number of in-home weight loss exercises based on your preferences:

  • Running: Few things beat a good day of running when it comes to cardiovascular workouts. With your personal trainer, you can run laps around your property or your neighborhood, whichever you find more comfortable.
  • Jogging: If you want to take a lighter pace, then jogging might be the right cardiovascular exercise for you. A personalized workout needs to reflect what you want to do and what motivates you to keep exercising, after all.
  • Stairclimbing: Does your home have a few flights of stairs? We can use them for stair climbing exercises, which are a great way to rapidly build cardiovascular strength and burn calories.
  • Swimming: Taking laps in your swimming pool is also a fantastic way to lose weight. Swimming is often called the perfect full-body exercise because it is demanding yet does not put much strain on your joints and muscles.
A Note On Jogging For Weight Loss and Toning

Many people take up a jogging routine on their own, and then despite their best intentions, taper off and eventually start back at square one. Jogging is an excellent and relatively easy way to stay in shape, but it’s just a piece of the puzzle. We can help you stick to your jogging goals and introduce other exercises into the mix to maximize the weight loss and toning you’re after.

Strengthen Your Core to Tone Your Body

Losing weight is great, but it is even better when coupled with body toning exercises. Your Brooklyn in-home body toning trainer can discuss a number of exercises you can choose that tone and sculpt your body. As you lose excess body fat, the toning will become more and more noticeable.

Two woman doing ab exercises under trainer supervision

We can bring a few pieces of weight training equipment to your door, including:

  • Dumbbells
  • Hand weights
  • Resistance bands

How a Fitness Trainer Can Help You Lose Weight

Creating a personalized workout schedule is only part of what we do here at GYMGUYZ Bay Ridge. We also encourage and motivate you to keep working out and hold onto your fitness goals. We’ll be your biggest fans, weight loss training session after session.

When you feel like you are getting bored or tired, your personal trainer will be right there to keep you focused and on your feet.

Talk to a Brooklyn weight loss trainer by calling (718) 717-1078 today.