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Giving You the Confidence to Live Your Best Life

At GYMGUYZ Boston MetroWest, we take immense pleasure not just in helping our clients transform themselves physically, but also in the transformation that takes place in many areas of their lives. Whether you are seeking weight loss or want to build muscle mass, we’ll help you discover real results and push you on the right path of physical fitness. Our goal is to create results for every type of person, regardless of your age, skill ability, health, or experience.

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Our Training Services

Corporate Training

Employees who incorporate fitness into their daily routine become more valuable because they have higher levels of energy and productivity to get through the workday. We bring the training, wellness, and nutrition education to your company through our “at-work” workouts.

Group Training

Group fitness brings “the fun” to your normal workout routines. It brings together a crowd of people who all share a common goal of getting into shape. This is the perfect “go-to” when your motivation is low and you need that extra push from someone who can drive you to work harder than if you were to go it alone.

Senior Fitness

It’s never too late to feel great about your body! Our program is designed to keep you active and thriving even during your senior years. We help improve your overall health by managing stress levels, controlling cholesterol, and reducing your chance of injury and/or chronic conditions.

Sports Conditioning

Interested in improving your game? GYMGUYZ Boston MetroWest knows how to develop competitive athletes in all ranges of sports. Whether you want to increase speed, improve strength, or boost coordination and agility, if there is an advantage to be had, we’ll be the ones to find it. We incorporate a foundation to meet the demands of any sport and athlete.

Weight Loss & Toning

Shed fat and trim inches with our body sculpting and cardiovascular workouts. Our coaches blend different forms of cardio and strength training into your routine to improve mood, power, agility, and heart and lung health.

Youth & Teen Fitness

We offer a personalized training program for your child to develop basic fitness skills and learn about motivated fitness mentality. We teach our youth to never give up and we ensure they are given the athletic skills to improve their self-confidence, behavior, and discipline in the classroom and at home.

Cardio Training

Improving heart-health should be a key component of any exercise regimen. If this is your highest priority, we can help you find the motivation and focus to strengthen your heart.

Bonus Training Services We offer


We offer high-energy kickboxing workouts that combine real martial art techniques with fast-paced cardio. Our program is designed to add endurance and strength to your core muscles and help burn massive amounts of calories in a fun, new way. It also provides realistic self-defense techniques to learn the basics of protecting yourself if you’re ever in an unsafe situation.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT is a key workout method in cardio fitness routines, as it involves short bursts of intense exercise rotated with low-intensity recovery periods, creating a time-efficient way to exercise. High-intensity interval training also comes with a multitude of benefits.

Some examples of key HIIT benefits include:

  • Increased metabolism
  • Boosted endurance
  • No equipment necessary
  • Increased aerobic capacity
  • Improved blood pressure and circulation
  • Perfect for busy schedules


Pilates is a great workout routine that focuses on your core strength, as well as an increased range of motion for your joints. Regardless of your age, this exercise is versatile and fits the needs of many of our clients. Whether you are a senior or an elite athlete, Pilates has proven to be beneficial for a wide range of individuals.

Your Transformation Starts Today

Our Needham fitness services are strategically designed for our clients so our staff can determine an accurate starting point based on your goals. The professionals at GYMGUYZ Boston MetroWest will develop a customized plan for you to follow and provide you with focused training that actually makes a difference. Additionally, we’ll supply you with all the equipment and training tools necessary for your success. We bring the workout to the comfort of your home and offer flexible sessions to work with your schedule.

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