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Strength training, and its sister concept of resistance training, refers to a method of conditioning that includes the progressive use of weights and similar techniques to promote and improve overall health, fitness, or sport-specific performances.

At GYMGUYZ Evergreen, we offer reliable and dependable strength training services that are designed with your fitness goals in mind.

  • Our trainers come directly to you with the equipment, knowledge, and dedication to help you exceed your most challenging fitness goals!
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Different Types of Strength Training

There are many types of strength training your trainer may add to your typical workout.

Depending on your goals, your trainer may have you experiment with different types of strength and resistance training to find what works for you.

After this, your Jefferson County, CO trainer will slowly increase the weight and resistance to help you begin building muscle and sculpting the body.

Some different types of strength training our experts specialize in include:

  • Total Body Circuit Training
  • Push-Pull Training
  • Power Lifting Training
  • Explosive Dynamic Training
  • Superset Training
  • Muscle Hypertrophy Training
  • And More

When it comes down to it, to achieve your goals through strength and resistance training, good nutrition habits must be made. Not only do our trainers have the experience and knowledge to help you work out, but they can help you craft a nutrition plan that will show results!

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Why Is Strength Training Beneficial?

In the past, strength training was primarily used by athletes who were looking to enhance performance or increase muscle size. Today, however, strength training is widely recognized as a critical component to everyone’s health and fitness, regardless of gender, age, or ability!

Strength training comes with a host of benefits, including:

  • Building and Preserving Muscle Mass
  • Enhancing Your Metabolic Rate
  • Improving Bone Density
  • Lowering Your Risk of Injury
  • Improving Balance
  • Enhancing Speed, Power, and Agility
  • And Much More!

When your muscle metabolism is altered during strength training exercises, it can influence the early development of many chronic diseases by slowing down the process.

Maintaining this muscle mass with strength training can help to prevent some of the most common and increasingly rampant health conditions, including obesity and diabetes.

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