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Posts from 2020

  • How Are Personal Trainers Coping with the COVID-19 Effects
    COVID-19 has impacted every industry in nearly every country of the globe. As a result, every industry and individual has been faced with hardships to overcome during this time as well, but how have personal trainers been affected by this global pandemic? The impacts have ...
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  • Will People Become More ‘Outdoorsy’ As A Result of COVID-19?
    Have you ever heard the quote, “I’m outdoorsy. I like to drink on patios!”? It’s so popular you can even buy the t-shirt! Funny, right? Well, the funny thing is that this idea has become much more relevant in the COVID-19 world, but not necessarily for the drinking part. ...
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  • Thinking Out of the Box Fitness
    Thinking Out of the Box Gym setting is common right now as fitness enthusiasts are tackling the decision of whether to head back to their old routines in big box gyms and studios or continue with their new at-home and virtual routines. Is it safe? That is the biggest ...
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  • Working From Home and Working Out From Home
    During the COVID-19 pandemic, the most used acronym may very well be ‘WFH’. What is WFH? Work from Home. With countries shutting down and having strict stay-at-home orders, the workforce has obliged to continue, to the best of their ability, to work from home. Not only has ...
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  • COVID-19 and The Fitness Industry
    The world has been struck with the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting just about every industry. The fitness industry has taken a serious hit due to stay-at-home orders but is trying to adapt - bigtime. Most big box gyms and studios have a high probability, almost 90%, of closing ...
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