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Online Personal Trainer in Greensboro

A Flexible Alternative for In Home Training

Although in-home, in-person training has been our primary service and focus of our brand for years, GYMGUYZ is expanding to provide services that work for a wider range of people. At GYMGUYZ Greensboro, our team of experts are now available to provide services as virtual trainers.

You do not need any technical expertise to sign up and get to work. All you need is a device and a video call app like Skype, Zoom or FaceTime.

Get your first session free, call us today at (336) 739-4101.

Reasons to Choose Online Training vs. In-Person Training

Everyone's circumstances are different when it comes to working out online. Some people are looking for convenience. Some people need the flexibility. Some just prefer the online format.

If you are trying to decide between in-person or online, we have broken down some common reasons to choose one or the other.

I Am Constantly Traveling for Work or Personal Reasons

We have found that online personal training is one of the best fits for people who have a hectic or continuous travel schedule. Online sessions allow you to keep meeting with a trainer no matter where you are.

I Am a Stay At Home Parent

In-person and online are both great formats for parents. Some parents prefer online sessions for maximum flexibility. Some prefer in-person to avoid distractions.

I Am Social Distancing

The social distancing phenomenon is one of the reasons that online training has surged in popularity. We provide this service to accommodate individuals in this situation.

I Want to Use Professional Equipment

If you do not have much equipment at home and you are not planning on buying any, meeting in person in Greensboro may be a good idea. Our vans come fully loaded with equipment for any kind of workout (even kickboxing).

Technique Is the Most Important to Me

If this is your situation, we would recommend in-person training. While it is possible for us to demonstrate techniques online, the biggest challenge of any in this format is assessing and correcting form.

To begin working with one of our virtual trainers in Greensboro, call (336) 739-4101!