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GYMGUYZ Training Services

GYMGUYZ Is Here for All Your Mobile Personal Fitness Needs

Reaching your fitness goals takes a lot of hard work. Exercise, diet, and sleep, and a general commitment to a healthy lifestyle are essential for helping you get where you want to be.

GYMGUYZ provides personal training services in Essex County & Passaic County, New Jersey that bring the gym to you. We supply the exercise equipment, the certified fitness trainer, and personalized workout plans to match your unique needs and skill level. Our mobile personal trainers can host in home personal training workouts as well as corporate workouts at the office.

If you’ve been struggling to achieve fitness goals and working out on machines without progress, we may have your solution. Start unlocking your potential today, by calling GYMGUYZ North Essex Lower Passaic.

To schedule your first free training session with one of our New Jersey personal trainers, dial (973) 832-1654.

Our Training Services in Essex County & Passaic County

At GYMGUYZ, we have all the advanced and beginner training services to help you find what you’re looking for. If you need TRX, kettlebell training, boxing, boot camp style classes, yoga, or HIIT/CrossFit in the areas of North Essex County or Lower Passaic County, we’ve got you covered. Our training coaches are always matched with you based on your specific goals, and our entire team takes pride in helping a broad cross-section of people.

Contact us today for training in:

  • Cardio Fitness: Cardio fitness is an ideal way to get back into shape, and to stay heart-healthy for years to come.
  • Corporate Fitness: As more and more companies have made fitness a priority, GYMGUYZ has implemented our corporate fitness training program, helping employees get their workout while at work!
  • Group Training: If you are the type of person that works out better with someone else, we offer group training options, so you always have a partner in your next fitness endeavor.
  • Pre/Postnatal Exercise: Our pre and postnatal exercise programs are designed to help women feel better during their pregnancy and recover faster in the months after giving birth.
  • Senior Fitness: Aging doesn’t have to be a barrier to staying in shape! Our New Jersey personal trainers offer programs specifically designed for older individuals who want a workout at the right pace.
  • Specialty Services: From kickboxing to obstacle courses, GYMGUYZ North Essex Lower Passaic offers unique training services you simply won’t find anywhere else.
  • Sports Conditioning: Stay in-shape, even in the off-season, with our professional-level sports conditioning training.
  • Strength Training: If you want to build mass, GYMGUYZ is the company to call. Our trainers know how to help you put on muscle, increase your metabolism, and improve your heart health and bone density.
  • Weight Loss & Toning: Lose weight and keep it off, with our training programs designed to help keep your body toned while improving healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Weight & Resistance Training: Weight training is far more effective and safer with the assistance of an experienced professional. Luckily, our bodybuilding experts are here to help you master weight stacks, barbells, and dumbbells and learn how to make them work for your needs.
  • Youth & Teen Fitness: You’re never too young to start thinking about getting in shape. That’s why GYMGUYZ North Essex Lower Passaic provides youth and teen fitness training options, so fitness enthusiasts of all ages can begin working toward their goals.
  • TRX: If you want to practice the ultimate form of suspension training, TRX is for you. Boost your mobility, metabolism and functional strength through total resistance exercises.
  • High Intensity Interval Training / HIIT: Condition your body with some of the most efficient exercise regimens used by fitness coaches. Burn fat, build muscle, and strengthen bone mass through maximum intensity workouts.

Experience the GYMGUYZ Difference

At GYMGUYZ North Essex Lower Passaic, we never discriminate based on age, ability, experience, or fitness levels. We welcome everyone to give our certified trainers a try, and are thrilled to have individuals of all kinds trust our services. We always come prepared, and our vans are fully stocked with the necessary training tools and equipment when we come to you. We also help you with measurements, calorie intake, and general lifestyle tips, so you can continue to get the most out of our services, even when we are not around. Call today to schedule your first session, free of cost, and find out why the GYMGUYZ name is synonymous with success.

We provide training services in Bloomfield, Caldwell, Glen Ridge, Livingston, and other nearby areas.

People love our North Essex and Lower Passaic personal training services because:

  • We bring the workout to you
  • We can meet you in a variety of settings
  • We work around your schedule
  • We help you stay motivated
  • We help you create a customized workout plan based on your goals
  • We change up routines to keep workouts fun and exciting
  • We supply all of the clean, top-of-the-line equipment needed for a great workout
  • We follow strict COVID-19 safety policies

For personal coaching and in-home training services, dial (973) 832-1654, and get ready to find out what a difference one session can make.