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Spring comes around every year, offering us a time to reflect on what’s happened and what’s to come. It’s the perfect time for a fresh start— if Mother Nature can have its renewal now, why can’t we? Think of spring as the season for giving your diet a clean slate. Your house isn’t the only thing that needs spring cleaning!

Eat more fresh greens— and remember that the darker, the better!

  • Greens are great for gut health and provide tons of nutrients for the body. A salad made with kale and spinach topped with your favorite vegetables is the perfect way to incorporate greens into your diet on a daily basis.

Eliminate the “white” grains:

  • White rice, breads, and pasta are all fine in moderation, but the average American diet is packed with much more of these grains than you should be eating. Instead, opt for brown: Consider portions of quinoa, brown rice, or farro instead; making sure that most of your plate consists of proteins and veggies.

Give me some sugar (or not):

  • While fruits contain sugars, they’re also packed with plenty of nutrients— unlike commercialized sweets which, while delicious, don’t provide much of a nutritional content for your body. Every calorie counts— so optimize what’s in them for the best results! Purge the soda, ice cream, baked goods, and candies from both your fridge and diet; and be sure to check packages for added sugar before purchasing!

Bonus tip: If you really want to reboot your system, skip on the spices for a few weeks— you’ll reset your palate and come to appreciate the natural flavors of your food so much more; plus you won’t need as much seasoning to taste the difference when you finally start reintroducing spices into your diet! Many people actually claim to have an aversion to spicy foods, and if you have stomach troubles here and there, this could be a good way to determine if you’re one of those people!