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Strength Training in San Jose

Get Stronger by Challenging Your Body in New Ways

Building strength the right way takes knowledge and attention to form that usually only comes from years of experience. Our team offers a variety of training services, including strength training. If you want a strength training program that can help you prevent injury and achieve maximum gains, our certified trainers at GYMGUYZ Silicon Valley can help.

We bring the gym to you throughout the Santa Clara Valley. If you're looking for in-home strength training in San Jose, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, or beyond, reach out to GYMGUYZ. We also offer virtual strength training programs.

To get in touch with out strength training coaches in San Jose, call (408) 430-5999 today or contact us online. Ask us about your FREE first session!

Keys to an Effective Strength Training Routine

We have compiled some of the basic elements that go into an effective, challenging, and enjoyable routine.

  • Warm Up: Several minutes should be devoted to preparing muscles for intensity.
  • Lock Down Good Form: At the very beginning of a new strength workout, it is best to use minimal weight or no weight at all until the form is mastered.
  • Control Tempo: One of the most common strength training mistakes is using body momentum instead of muscle. Lifting and lowering should be performed at an even tempo without shifting body weight to gain momentum.
  • Focus on a Muscle Group: Beginner workouts can focus on full body routines with less specialization. More advanced workouts can isolate muscles and muscle groups.
  • Ideal Repetitions: The right rep count is usually between 12 and 15. If you can’t reach that number, you have too much weight. If that number is easy to reach, increase your weight.
  • Rest Between Sets: Depending on the kind of workout, shorter rest intervals can help with building endurance and longer rest intervals can help increase performance.
  • Provide Recovery Time: Providing a couple days between workouts allows muscles to fully recover.

A man performs a strength training workout with a GYMGUYZ personal trainer

Different Kinds of Strength Training We Offer

There are a variety of different kinds of strength-related workouts. Some of these are focused on higher repetitions and some focus more on high intensity. Our strength training coaches in San Jose can maximize the value of your strength training by tweaking any of these to fit your goals:

  • Full-Body Balancing - Focus on pairing an upper body workout with a lower body workout to create balance in the body.
  • Maximum Strength - The goal is to pursue the highest intensity possible with relatively few reps to achieve increased strength.
  • Power - High intensity with few repetitions performed quickly targets power-related goals.
  • Muscle Mass - When building muscle mass is the goal, we aim for slightly less intensity with higher reps.
  • Endurance - The ideal program for increasing endurance is low intensity with high repetitions and very short rest intervals.

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