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Strength Training in Bonita Springs

Personal strength training for weight loss near you to help Build Muscle Mass

Few things are as satisfying as reaching a new personal best for lifts and seeing the results of muscle tone on your body. But many gym-goers will also admit that the gym atmosphere can often be stifling, crowded, uncomfortable, and even distracting. For many people, the gym environment can start to take a lot of joy out of fitness.

At GYMGUYZ SW Florida, we sympathize with this predicament. That's why we have built a company to provide the solution. Our in-home strength training team provides workouts right in your home, yard, local park, rec center, or even your office. Many people find that simply training outdoors makes working out significantly more enjoyable.

If you want the advantages of a personal trainer with none of the frustrations of a gym membership, we can help. Our certified strength trainers in Bonita Springs can help you build a workout routine to achieve your desired goals.

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What Are Some Benefits of Strength Training?

A GYMGUYZ Personal Trainer in Bonita Springs leading strength training exercise

When most people think of strength training, they think of attaining bigger muscles. This is definitely a major component and benefit of weightlifting and resistance training. However, there are many more reasons why strength training is something everyone can benefit from.

  • Its Good for the Bones: the stress that your muscles respond to during heavy lifting is also something that initiates a response in your bones. Strength training helps to increase bone density and improve bone health.
  • Its Good for Weight Management: More muscle mass can lead to an increased metabolism. This means you can burn calories more efficiently and reach a calorie deficit more easily.
  • It Can Improve Your Posture & Balance: Strength training can play a role in helping elderly individuals stay on their feet by improving balance and coordination.
  • It Can Ameliorate the Effects of Chronic Conditions: According to MayoClinic, individuals with chronic conditions may find symptoms and negative effects decrease through strength training. Chronic conditions can include heart disease, arthritis, depression, diabetes, etc.

What's the Difference Between Strength Training & Hypertrophy Training?

These two terms are related, but technically they are different kinds of training with different goals. Hypertrophy training is a focus on building muscle mass. Strength training is a focus on improving strength regardless of muscle size. Bodybuilders focus mostly on hypertrophy training in order to bulk up.

Our trainers at GYMGUYZ SW Florida can build a regimen that includes a focus on both types or more exclusively on just one of these.

Should I Do Strength Training Every day?

This completely depends on your goals and the design of your workouts.

Strength training every day would be a problem if you are doing very intense and long duration workouts without giving your muscles time to rest. Many people prefer doing strength training either a couple times a week or, if they are trying to bulk up, every other day. The amount of time you should give your muscles to recuperate will depend on the intensity of your workouts.

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