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We all know someone who wakes up on the right side of the bed every morning— chipper, positive, and just all-around optimistic about the day that lies ahead. Far too many people find it difficult to be that person— but that may actually be due to certain morning habits that are holding you back from looking on the brighter side of things. If you’re trying to start your days off on a better note, try these simple routine adjustments to get started. Once you’re on the right path to a good mood, the vibes will cascade into the oncoming hours of your day!

Wake up and get your exercise in: When you get your exercise in is a matter of preference, but there are benefits to doing it early on in the day if you have the means to do it. Of course, exercising boosts your endorphins, helping you achieve a mood high that will carry you through the day. It also helps your metabolism get cranking early on, so that you’re burning your calories consistently as the drift go by. Getting your workout out of the way earlier on is a weight off your shoulders, because you’ll be able to get through the workday knowing that in the evening, you’ll have some extra time to yourself, instead of having one more thing to check off of your to-do list!

Find a breakfast you like, and stick with it: Eating the same thing every morning might sound bland, but if you find something that you truly love eating, you’ll look forward to it each morning. Bonus points if that food happens to be something with mood-boosting effects, like an egg loaded with B12 or a breakfast salad of sorts that helps you get a few servings closer to hitting your daily fruits and veggies goal before you’re even awake.

Grab-and-go snacks to boost your mood and energy: Mid-morning hits, and you’re hungry again. It’s almost inevitable for most people. It’s totally fine to eat smaller meals throughout the course of the day, as long as you’re making sure that you’re picking ones that are healthy and appropriate for the time of day. Grab a probiotic-packed yogurt or kefir, which will keep your mood up and your anxiety levels down, helping you maintain a positive outlook.

Generally, being more optimistic has a lot to do with controlling what you can and making the best of things that you cannot. Give yourself the power of a great mood at the onset of your morning and you’ll have everything you need to make the most of whatever is to come! What are some of your tips for staying optimistic throughout the day? We’d love to hear them!