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Your mother is an incredible, multi-talented, generous, loving lady. Of course she deserves a day dedicated to celebrating her; and we’re happy to give you a few suggestions to make this Mother’s Day the best yet. Being in the health and fitness industry means that we’re here to help you feel great— period. Get the perfect Mother’s Day plan ready now with ease, with a few of our tips on how to help your mom have the best— and most relaxing— Mother’s Day to date. (Moms: Pass this onto your kids. “Hint, hint…”)


  • Material things: When kids are young, handmade “#1 Mom” are adorable— but as our kids get older, the gifts that tend to mean the most are the ones that involve time. Instead of getting your mother a physical gift, take the time to plan out a few hours with her, or get her a gift that will provide her with a fun and/or relaxing experience.
  • To have to plan her own day: If you really want to make mom happy, plan Mother’s Day out for her. Get a few suggestions on what she might like to do (as in call her NOW and ask instead of day-of), and then take a few of our suggestions from below and incorporate them into the perfect day.


  • Quality time: We’ve surveyed a lot of mothers, and we’ve ALL heard it. Give your mother what she’s always wanted— quality time with her loved ones, free of arguing and complaining. Taking the time to spend with your mother and show her how much she’s truly loved and appreciated will mean so much, and provide an experience she’ll enjoy and cherish.
  • Experience-oriented gifts and activities: Whether that means taking her out to brunch, or going to a garden show, heading to the local spring festival, or just staying inside and watching sappy movies on the couch, spend time doing what your mom enjoys— and do it with love. If you can’t spend the day with her, or you’re looking for a gift to give her that goes along these same lines, get her an experience-oriented gift package— to the spa, her favorite salon, or to her favorite in-home fitness company. (P.S. We’ve got this really awesome Mother’s Day promotion….)
  • A clean home: Even if you’ve never heard your mother complain about having to keep the house clean, we’re pretty sure this is something all mothers will appreciate. Whether you come in yourself and do a nice clean-up for her or give her the gift of having a home cleaning service come in, she’ll appreciate having just a little bit more time to herself without having to worry about cleaning up after someone else.
  • A “thank-you”. Something that too many people— especially moms— don’t hear enough. Be sure to thank your mom for everything she’s done for you over the years this Mother’s Day— and be sincere about it. Expressing gratitude is one of the best gifts you can give to anyone— and it will only strengthen your bond with your mother even more!