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Memorial Day Weekend is about to begin, and to help you enjoy it to the fullest, we’ve got a challenge for all of you: Shut off all of your digital devices for at least 24 hours.

For many, the concept of doing this is, alone, enough to invoke feelings of anxiety. If you’re one of these people, don’t feel alone— this is a perfectly normal sensation, but it’s exactly why a digital detox could be just what you need this weekend. Spend more time in the present moment, connecting with your loved ones (and be sure to thank the Vets in your life in person, while you’re at it!). You’ll feel so much better for it when this weekend is said and done.

Here are a few tips on how to complete a successful digital detox:


  • Tell those who may try to contact you this weekend that you will not be using your phone/checking social media. This way, those who might get worried if you’re not online or available via phone call or text know that you’re simply tuning out for a while— and you don’t have to worry that others might worry, if you happen to be a worrier.


  • Distract yourself from the to-be-bizarre feeling of not checking your phone every few moments. Do things you know you’ll enjoy— go out for dinner, have a bonfire with some friends, do a great workout, pick up a book. Focus on yourself and the things you love doing and bring yourself back to a time where being connected constantly wasn’t a perceived necessity— we bet you’ll come out of your detox feeling a lot less worried about checking your emails and social media as much as you had been before this weekend!


  • Start by turning your phone off, because this will probably be the hardest part. Then, proceed with shutting off or unplugging any other devices you spend a significant amount of time with— tablets, televisions, computers, smart watches, and the likes. Throw a blanket over your television to help you forget it’s even there, if that’s what you need; and consider shutting off your e-reader, too— or at the very least, shut off any internet connectivity it may have. Try sticking to paper books to make it a little more of an authentic detox!


  • Challenge those you’ll be around the most this weekend to do the same, so that while you’re busy enjoying the moment, your friends and loved ones aren’t checking their phones like you might normally be doing. This way, you can all bond over a similar experience and enjoy each other’s company in the purest form.


  • Believe it or not, this was a way of life just 20 short years ago!