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Group Training in Vaughan

Bring All Your Friends for a Fun In-Home Workout

Working out alone can be a little tiring sometimes. What better way to make in-home exercise even more fun than inviting friends and family to tag along?

At GYMGUYZ Vaughan, we offer exciting, engaging, and entertaining group training sessions. We customize each exercise plan to satisfy everyone in your group. Whether you all want to boost your cardio strength or get toned with weightlifting sessions, we are here to make it a fun activity for everyone!

Dial (647) 699-3934 to learn more about our fully customizable group workouts and group classes in Vaughan.

Reasons to Consider Group Training

Why should you schedule a group workout session with GYMGUYZ instead of just working out one-on-one with your in-home personal trainer? While direct attention from a personal trainer is fantastic, there are definitely unique benefits to working out with others.

Key advantages of group workouts include:

  • More Fun: Doing activities with your friends is just plain fun. Going to the movies, playing video games, cracking open a new book, cooking dinner, and exercising are all a treat when friends are along for the journey. If you want to plan an active day of fun for your friends, call (647) 699-3934 and ask us about group training brought to your home or office.
  • Motivation: At the end of the day, your friends should be there to support you and keep you standing in tough times. Exercising and staying on top of your goals can be difficult, we’ll admit it. Your personal trainer will always have your back, but it can be nice to get even more motivation from your friends and family.
  • Variety: A big part of keeping up with your exercise routine is making certain it never gets boring. You can plan a number of workouts with your in-home personal trainer, and we like to mix things up on the fly to keep you engaged. Adding friends to the mix now and then is another form of variety that will make you excited for the next workout!
  • Togetherness: There is also no overselling the importance of feeling like you are part of a group or a team. Humans are social by nature, so socializing while exercising is natural. Form a bond with your friends and get even closer with group training sessions. The feeling of togetherness will carry over into all facets of your life.

Strengthen Your Group with Shared Exercise

Who should be planning group training classes from GYMGUYZ Vaughan? Pretty much anyone who wants to have fun working out but does not want to deal with all the stress and trouble that comes with the gym!

We recommend trying group exercise for:

Group Training for Senior Workouts

  • Are you a senior who loves staying active, but you are finding it difficult to get to the gym? Why not bring the gym to you and all of your friends? We have found that many of the seniors who come to us for in-home exercise prefer group training sessions. It is fun to be able to see everyone enjoying personalized workouts, even in their golden years.

Group Training for Corporate Events or Schedules

  • When your company needs a new way to bring coworkers closer together for a boost in synergy, consider offering training for employees who sign up. We can use conference rooms to organize and host routine corporate workouts as a group. You will be surprised by how happy your employees will be when they learn there is a new employee benefit available that focuses on health and fitness.

Group Training for Family Bonding

  • The family that works out together stays together! Whether your spouse needs to lose some weight, or your daughter wants to land a spot on the high school basketball team, family training is the perfect way to bring the family together and bring fitness goals within reach. Together, you can all decide on what to do each week – or more frequently if you prefer – and motivate one another to stay on target.

Want to know more about our team training services in Vaughan? Please call (647) 699-3934 to talk with a member of our team today.