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  • Peter & Sybil S.

    If anyone could benefit from having a genuinely-brilliant personal fitness trainer come to their home, they should definitely choose GYMGUYZ. GYMGUYZ has been working with both Sybil and I for the past six months. We are invariably impressed with their skills, techniques, innovativeness, and amazing knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Above all, their thoughtfulness and integrity are impressive!*


    Eleven months ago I was your typical 32 year old father of two; overweight, out of shape, and generally unmotivated to do anything about it. I figured between a two hour daily commute and 12 hour work days, I didn’t have time to work out at all. With a little prodding from my wife I decided to give a personal trainer a shot, but I was skeptical. GYMGUYZ was referred by a friend and they came over to give me my first serious workout in years. Within 2 weeks I began to feel different and look different. At the beginning I was 228 pounds and based on a series of measurements I had the equivalent body of a 68 year old. As of my last weigh, in I was 208 pounds and was I equivalent to a 30 year old. More importantly the workouts have improved how I feel, my energy level is up, and I actually look forward to the sessions now. For someone with a full work schedule, the convenience of having a home trainer who brings all the equipment can not be overstated. GYMGUYZ keeps the sessions fast paced and always incorporates new exercises and equipment. GYMGUYZ has a very positive attitude and gets the best out of his clients. Soon after I began, my wife started to work out with GYMGUYZ and we have since added on couple’s sessions as well. The work outs have now become a very important part of my routine and that is mostly because they keep them fun and challenging at the same time. I recommend GYMGUYZ to anyone who is looking for comprehensive, home based fitness training. You can’t find a better company as far as my wife and I are concerned.*

  • TONY C.

    As a physician, I am constantly instructing my patients on the importance of proper diet and exercise. The only problem was that I did not practice what I professed until I met GYMGUYZ. Under GYMGUYZ watchful eye and through GYMGUYZ patient but powerful workouts, I can now look my patients in the eye and tell them that hard work does pay off. Thank you GYMGUYZ! I could not have done this without you.*

  • MARY C

    I was going to the local sports club three times a week for the past four years, and dreading every minute. I was going through the motions of exercise without seeing or feeling positive results. Ready to throw in the towel, I called GYMGUYZ as a last resort. It was the best phone call I have ever made. GYMGUYZ has been my coach for the past year and I can honestly say that I look forward to our daily workouts. Even though some days I think I cannot possibly do any more pushups or abdominal crunches, GYMGUYZ motivates and inspires me. GYMGUYZ belief in me has never wavered, and thanks to GYMGUYZ a new me has emerged. Thank you GYMGUYZ for changing my life.*


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