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Why You Should Avoid Fad Diets

At the start of every January, resolutions are made— both ones that can be kept, and ones that are flawed from the start. Everyone has an end goal that they’re trying to reach, and many of your resolutions may reflect said end goal. However, not all resolutions are created equal— and not all diets are, either. If your resolutions include adhering to a diet that might be one of those “fad diets” floating around the internet and touted by “health experts” in the media, you might want to read a few of our tips before committing to such a plan and adjust accordingly!

The results are short-term.

  • When you follow a fad diet, you’re going to get results– but these results aren’t going to last for the rest of your life or much after you stop maintaining this diet. In fact, if you swear off major food groups, such as carbs, you may find yourself disappointed when the weight that was lost comes right back. There is a reason why the FDA recommends certain proportions of each food group— and while there are some that you can severely cut back on, there are others that your body needs regularly. Cutting out things like sugars or carbohydrates solves a short-term goal, but once those foods are reintroduced, the weight that came off has a high chance of being reintroduced as well.

Fad diets are often unbalanced, causing deficiencies in nutrients.

  • While this might not seem scary at first, when you delve into the actual implications, you’ll think twice. A lack of deficiency in certain nutrients can lead to fatigue, hair loss, muscle loss, brain fog, poor sleep, and a plethora of other things. Your body needs a certain amount of each nutrient in order to function properly. Most fad diets require you to only eat a certain kind of food, while eliminating all others. Carbohydrates are necessary— in moderation. So are sugars, fats, protein… the list goes on. When you cut out all but one or two food groups, you’re cutting off a crucial supply of nutrients that essentially give you life.

You’re more susceptible to falling into fad diet cycles.

  • If one fad diet doesn’t work, far too many people fall victim to trying the next one… and the next one… and the next one; as many of us may be looking for a “quick fix”. We have news: The perfect diet for you isn’t a fad diet at all, but a timeless approach to holistic nutrition that you can incorporate, stick to, and actually enjoy, for the rest of your life.

The best “diet” to have is one that you can enjoy and stick to for the long-term, not just the short-term— in other words, more of a lifestyle than a diet. When you enjoy what you eat and what you eat is healthy, your likelihood of obtaining your goal is much higher. Although it may take slightly longer to do it, you can rest assured knowing that that’s the method that will be best for your health overall; and you’re creating healthy habits that will benefit you for the rest of your life— not just for a few weeks. Ultimately, your resolutions are yours to make. Your health is our priority, and we know it’s yours, too. If you need a hand creating the best nutrition plan for your goals, schedule a meeting with one of our nutrition experts— we would be more than happy to help you find healthy ways to nourish your body and wellbeing while striving to accomplish your long-coveted mission.