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  • GYMGUYZ partners with Trifecta Nutrition
    Trifecta , the nation's largest organic meal delivery service, announced their new partnership with GYMGUYZ , the #1 brand for in-home, onsite and virtual personal training, to offer the best in nutrition and fitness services in the U.S. for their customers. Consistently ...
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  • Why You Should Stop Procrastinating on That Spring Cleaning
    If you’ve been putting off your spring cleaning, you might want to reconsider— not just because spring is almost over, but because decluttering your living space is actually linked to having health benefits. Start with the bedroom. A study recently found a correlation with ...
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  • The Scoop on Matcha
    Tea of various sorts have been a huge part of many ancient cultures— and matcha is no exception. In traditional Japanese culture, the preparation and serving of matcha was the center of many meditation sessions; and it’s quite obvious that there were great reasons for this! ...
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  • What to Eat to Reduce Inflammation
    Inflammation plagues millions of people throughout the world. Whether it’s acute, chronic, or due to infection, the pain that comes with inflammation is one that can be extremely difficult to overcome— but like most problems, this one can be addressed from multiple angles ...
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  • The Health Benefits of an Ancient Practice
    A bath can do a lot of good for just about any body. We’re not saying that bathing is the cure for everything, but after a long week of working, working out, and myriad other responsibilities in between, a soak in the tub is definitely, at the least, a great way to unwind. ...
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