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New Year’s Eve (among other days) is a time where you will, inevitably, encounter alcohol. How much you drink is none of our concern— and hey, sometimes you want to let loose after a stressful week (or in this case, YEAR!). While a night out is always a blast, the after-effect isn’t always as fun. Here are a few of our most-loved tips on how to avoid getting a hangover (without dosing up on Advil) this New Year’s:

  1. Exercise: Get your heart rate up sometime during the day to kickstart your metabolism and keep a natural energy flowing into the party hours.
  2. Snack: Eat small snacks throughout the day to keep your metabolism boosted and keep your stomach full.
  3. Eat a large dinner: Be sure to get plenty into your stomach (something carb-heavy is a good idea) before you start your evening. This will help your body absorb the alcohol at a more reasonable rate than if you had an empty stomach!
  4. Stay hydrated: During the day, drink plenty of water, and be sure to keep a water bottle on hand between drinks as well— but don’t drink TOO much water before you go to sleep, or you’ll be making trips to the bathroom all night, which will seriously impact our next tip…
  5. Rest up: Get plenty of sleep the night beforehand to prepare your immune system for what’s to come— and it doesn’t hurt if you can sleep in a little bit extra the morning after.

Have a happy (but most importantly, SAFE) New Year— we’ll see you in 2017! (And don’t forget to stretch before you hit the dance floor!).