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Halloween is just around the corner— and you’ll probably have more visitors in that one night than you’ve had all year. As you’re gearing up to buy the Halloween treats you plan to pass out, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind— especially if your health is an overarching priority in your life. Additionally, if you have children, you probably want to set a good example— as tempting as it is to single-handedly eat that entire package of pumpkin-shaped Reese’s, your self-restraint may need to be queued up. Have your healthiest Halloween yet with our step-by-step guide below.

When you finally decide to grab your goodies, do it with intent. By this, we mean, don’t just grab the first and/or cheapest thing you see. There are several reasons for this:

  • You are contributing to the diet of children who will show up looking for treats. Set a good example for them by handing out what you consider a treat— but give it a healthy twist! If children see that an adult considers a certain food “healthy” that they normally wouldn’t have considered to be a treat, you may just change their mindset for the better.
  • If you have children, you know that they’re going to be eating the trick-or-treats of choice. You’re setting an important example for your OWN kids, too! If your household is like most, your kids will have the ability to grab and go when all is said and done (meaning: extra Halloween candies are up for grabs!). Make sure it’s something you want THEM eating!
  • Think about the treats in terms of what YOU want to eat— because chances are, you will be eating them. Halloween is enticing to all, not just the little ghouls and goblins that appear for the evening!
  • Some healthy treat tips:
    • Individually-wrapped trail mix packets
    • Dried fruit packets
    • Granola bars
    • Fruit snacks
    • Popcorn packets
    • We’re all ears for your Halloween treat hacks!

If you’re trick-or-treating with the kids (or after they get back) ration out their candies in terms of healthier choices versus the less healthy choices. Many parents allow their children to grab a few treats to bring to lunch or have as a dessert after dinner, but before we know what’s happened, they’ve consumed 6 sugar-loaded candies and now they’re bouncing off the walls. If you pair candies for your kids so that they’re not overdosing on the less healthy stuff, you’ll save them from what could become a sugar addiction in the future.

  • Tip: Check through all of the candy for holes or strange packaging as well— you can never be too careful!

Go trick-or-treating with the kids— especially if you’re guilty of eating a few more treats than you should! Canvas the neighborhood with the kids to keep them safe and to get some exercise. You’ll reignite that thrill you used to get from trick or treating when you were a kid yourself!

Lastly, we know Halloween can be a stressful time— especially for parents throwing costumes together for their kids at the last minute. Treat yourself to an adult treat— you deserve to unwind a bit! Click here for some ideas for spooky cocktails, courtesy of Real Simple.