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Confidence is a term that gets thrown around a lot. Often times it gets equated to the term cocky. Like identical twins who constantly get mistaken, while related, the two are not synonymous. Being confident means feeling self-assured about your qualities, your capabilities, your talents. It means knowing that you can get through a situation (and if you don’t, it means you have the ability to rebound and try again). Confidence means feeling good about yourself and knowing who you are. So, in the words of Demi Lovato, “what’s wrong with being confident?” The absolutely obvious answer is: Nothing! Read on for our tips on how to boost your confidence. They may not be effortless, but they’re worth your time and energy!


Knowing what you’re good at gives you a sense of pride (just do your best not to be too vain about it). And knowing your weaknesses and owning them gives you something to work on getting better at, which will boost your confidence as well! Knowing these things helps you to become more in tune with yourself, and knowing yourself will make you confident in who you are.


Easier said than done at times, but staying positive as much as possible will make you happier. Happy people might not always be confident people, but it helps. And those who are positive tend to have good things happen to them. Who can’t feel confident if good things are happening to them?


You are a special, wonderful, beautiful, kind, amazing, genuine, real person. You deserve good things, and you deserve to remind yourself of this on a regular basis. Amp yourself up in the mirror when you’re by yourself. Put positive reminders to yourself throughout your house to boost your confidence throughout the day. One of the keys to feeling more confident is knowing that you’re worth your own time, so put in the extra footwork for yourself.


It’s not possible to fully prepare for every situation life throws at you. I’m pretty sure we’d all be perfect if this was the case. But preparing for what you know lies ahead will make you confident that you can handle the situation when it arises. This is where those pep talks come in handy- but being organized and relaxed will also help immensely.


Standing up straight will automatically boost your confidence. Your body will feel better aligned, and keeping your chin up gives you a great view of everything that lies ahead of you, making you more aware of your surroundings and more confident in the road (path, room, setting of your choice) in front of you.


Create a timeline for a larger goal, breaking it into smaller goals that lie on the path to the larger one, working one by one until you reach the ultimate goal. Write these goals down somewhere you can see them every day. You’ll feel great when you accomplish this goal, and you can then move on to the next one.


We’ve mentioned before how the endorphin’s released when you exercise make you feel happier, and this can make you feel more confident by nature. But acing a workout and the feeling of accomplishment that comes afterwards will make you feel so much more confident in yourself, your ability to complete what you set your mind to, and your appearance, if that’s something you’re concerned about.

We wish you luck on your confidence journey and hope that it helps you learn a bit more about yourself along the way! If you need a little help, GYMGUYZ is fully equipped to help you feel more confident: We can help you create a customized plan and achieve any goal you set your mind to. Give us a call to schedule a class with a personal trainer today!