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4 Benefits of Cooking With Coconut

Is there anything coconut can’t do? Seriously, from haircare to cooking oils— the benefits are endless. When most people hear the word, “coconut”, visions of the tropics (and pina coladas) immediately start to appear. Even though this warmer-weather nut triggers all the same for me, I am also excited about the benefits that coconut brings the— plate. Here are 4 benefits of cooking with this wonder oil:

1. Coconut oil can actually boost your immune system. 

One of the biggest advantages of cooking with natural products is that they naturally have good-for-you properties like both antiviral and antimicrobial components that help protect you from viral illnesses. It also helps promote your white blood cell counts as well!

2. It revs up your metabolism. 

This is not a gimmick! Coconut oil is comprised of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which are stored in your body as energy and not fat. This is what we call a “good fat” as it propels your metabolism 3x more than low-chain fatty acids.

3. It can be added to pretty much anything. 

Give yourself an extra boost in the morning and put some coconut oil in your protein shake (or coffee, or smoothie). It will not only make whatever you’re making taste tropical, but it will also keep you fuller, longer and give you all the benefits that you get from cooking with it.

4. It can help you lose weight. 

Yes, you read that right. Due to the fact that coconut oil boosts your metabolism, it helps you burn more fat throughout the day. It also keeps you fuller, longer so that you’re not scrambling for a morning, mid-afternoon, and late-night snack.

With so many benefits, both in and outside of the kitchen, you’ll quickly start to wonder how you ever lived with out it. Give it a shot today and see what the benefits of coconut oil can do for you!