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5 Ways "Healthy" People Sabotage Themselves

There’s a misconception going around that just because you act like you’re healthy doesn’t mean that you’re actually healthy. We see it all the time, and we have one thing to say to you: your “little” bad habits are, in fact, sabotaging your weight loss and fitness goals! We aren’t going to name names, but, if you’re guilty of doing these actions below, consider this your wake up call!

1. You don’t believe in a bedtime. 

I can be as laissez-faire as the next person, but no bedtime? This isn’t Neverland! Sleep is critical in not only maintaining healthy body functionality but also necessary to lose weight! We’re all adults here and it’s okay if 9pm is the time you decide to call it a night, there’s no shame in getting your recommended amount of Zzz’s!

2. Your breakfast is coffee and maybe something carb-y. 

Your mother didn’t tell you that, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” to hear herself speak! It truly is. Study after study has confirmed it, so why aren’t you still eating a sufficient morning meal? Forgo your snack drawer at 10am, you know what I am talking about, the inevitable crash— it’ll come for you. Do your best to make sure that you kick start your day with something filling and complete, such as lean protein.

3. You read that article that a glass of wine is equivalent to working out, so you make your way through a bottle (more than once a week). 

If red wine were the solution to everyone’s weight loss problems, we’d have a very boozy situation on our hands. The fact is that there is benefits to consuming red wine, but don’t think that that third glass of vino that you’re pouring is doing you any favors. With anything, alcohol is okay in moderation— so, if you’re downing multiple drinks, multiple nights a week, then you’re not doing yourself any favors.

4. You can’t disconnect. 

Stress kills, literally. If you’re always on the clock, and stressed out about it, your cortisol levels will spike— continuously, leaving you with negative consequences. What are some side effects of stress: you have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, headaches, muscle pain and tension, upset stomach, inability to sleep, irritability, substance abuse… the list goes on and it isn’t pretty!

5. You eat out more than you do in. 

After working a ridiculously long day, who wants to make dinner? Not many people. However, eating out (yes, take-out is also included in this) isn’t always the best solution, because you don’t have control of what is being added into your meal. Think about all the extra sugar and salt that you’re consuming unknowingly. Make life easier for yourself and do meal prep ahead of time, rather than facing it when you get home at 8pm (or later).

There’s a delicate balance for just about everything in life and the key is finding a healthy one that works for you. Many of us cite not having time as the reason why we opt for less than stellar choices, but you have the power to change that— it just requires some planning and recognizing poor choices (before they are continued to be made). If you need some assistance with your nutrition or, even, workout regimen, give us a call at (855) 496-4899">(855) 496-4899 and we will help you get on a better, healthier track!