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The Health Benefits of an Ancient Practice

A bath can do a lot of good for just about any body. We’re not saying that bathing is the cure for everything, but after a long week of working, working out, and myriad other responsibilities in between, a soak in the tub is definitely, at the least, a great way to unwind. Though the idea of it may seem childish for someone who hasn’t taken a bath in their recent adult years, rest assured, there are plenty of health benefits associated with taking a good soak— and you can even up your bath game by tossing a few odds and ends into the bathwater to make the experience even better. It might sound like a lot to set aside time regularly to enjoy a bath, but trust us on this: A warm bath can be a solution to your stress throughout chaotic periods— like holidays, busy periods at work, and more. Give it a shot and let us know what you think!

Why a Bath?

  • Bathing in warm water opens up blood vessels and gets blood flowing to places it may have had trouble reaching before. Cold baths also help with muscle pains as they help to remove lactic acid from your bloodstream— the benefits of a bath, hot or cold, are wonderful.
  • Laying down in a warm bath can improve your mood— this has been scientifically proven!
  • By taking a bath before bed, you can improve your sleep quality. How? Before you fall asleep, your body temperature drops, signaling to the brain to start producing the sleep-inducing chemical called melatonin. By taking a hot bath before bed, you’re artificially creating a temperature drop, which will help you fall asleep and stay asleep.
  • Steam from the bath can help with congestion and cold symptoms by clearing out your nasal passageways and helping to kill off cold germs
  • By infusing the water with essential oils and other household ingredients, you can gain even more health benefits— for example, aromatherapy helps with stress relief!

Some cautions:

  • Be careful not to make the water too hot to avoid heat stress or dizziness

Get More from Your Bath:

Just like the water you drink, infusing bath water with simple ingredients can tremendously boost what you get from the experience. See something not on this list? Share with us!

  • Infuse the water with essential oils to aid in sleep quality, relieve stress, boost energy, and more!
  • Adding oatmeal, milk, honey, or olive oil to your bath can help to condition your skin
  • Steeping some green tea bags in your bath can help to remove toxins from the skin and make it softer and calmer.
  • Epsom salts help to exfoliate— but be wary if you have dry skin!