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Many people have a hard time beginning something new (and, for that matter, sticking with it). Forming new habits can be a challenge for any number of reasons— it might sound intimidating, maybe you don’t like doing things on your own, or maybe you’re having a hard time enjoying the task at hand. But the important thing to remember is that everyone is a beginner at some point: You shouldn’t let it deter you from starting something you know you’ve been wanting to do, or something that might be good for your health.

One such activity is running. It can be intimidating, seeing “professionals” take to the streets, doing their thing effortlessly and as if they literally ran out of the womb and just never stopped. Fun fact: They were in your shoes once! So with that in mind, here are a few tips for the new runner to take into consideration. Starting something new should be exciting, and these tips focus on just that!

1. Start off by taking brisk walks. If you’re new to exercise, you don’t want to shock your body by immediately propelling yourself down the street. Try a few long brisk walks over the course of several days (or weeks- it’s okay to take your time). Then slowly work your way into a jog. Speed isn’t important unless your goal is to run a race.
2. Be sure to invest in the right pair of shoes! You don’t want to be hurting after the fact simply because your feet weren’t properly equipped— and your ENTIRE BODY will feel the wrath of the wrong pair of shoes. Visit your local running store to find out what the best pair for you will be (or, you can ask us during our next class!).
3. Notice how your body feels after you run. Take notes; write them on a calendar. Are there certain times of day or certain times during the month that just don’t seem to work for you? Perfectly fine. As long as you can target when running makes you feel great, both physically and mentally (have we mentioned that running releases endorphins that make you happy?) you’re good to go.
4. Go running with friends, especially friends who are also just starting— it’ll give you a support group along the way! It’s a great feeling to have friends who support your goals, and it’s an even better feeling to have friends who partake in those goals with you (and you can book a group class with us so that we can help you along the way, too! We’ll give you helpful tips throughout the class.)
5. Create a plan and try your hardest to stick with it. What’s your goal? Do you want to be able to run fast, or run for long distances? Is your goal to just run and feel great? In either case, working your way up to that goal is going to take a bit of planning out: nobody can run forever, or at the speed of light, overnight. And it’s going to take a bit before your body sorts out the feelings that running gives you. But once you’ve established a routine and you’re well on your way to achieving your end goal, you’re going to feel like a million bucks.

Incorporating running into your daily routine is a great way to get your heart rate up and get outside. We’re happy to help along the way— give us a call today to find out how GYMGUYZ can help you bring running into your life!