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Online Personal Trainers in Kirkwood

Virtual, in home personal Training in kirkwood

Online training is one of the new frontiers in the personal fitness industry. It is a popular choice for many people because of its convenience and simplicity. It offers a new venue for pursuing health and fitness in a highly distracted, busy, and fast-paced world.

Virtual Training Workouts From Our Experts

GYMGUYZ Mid St. Louis County has been delivering standard-setting quality in the in-home personal training industry for years. Now, we want to bring that into the online world as well. All of our trainers have extensive health-related backgrounds and certifications from nationally-recognized fitness institutions.

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People Who Choose Our Online Fitness Program

GYMGUYZ Mid St. Louis County offers in-home training as well as one-on-one online personal training. Many people want to take advantage of the in-person experience because of the advantages of having someone at your physical location. Some people however, do prefer the online format.

A woman exercises with resistance bands while watching a virtual personal trainer on a TV screen

We have broken down different reasons for choosing one format over the other.

If You Are Constantly Traveling

Sometimes personal responsibilities like work or family require regular travel that can interfere with scheduling training sessions. For people who have a non-stop travel schedule, online training can be an excellent solution.

If You Need to Stay Home with the Kids

In-home personal training is a popular choice for stay-at-home parents. Both online and in-person are popular for this situation. We would recommend in-person as a way to cut back on distractions during the allotted time for the workout.

If You Are Remote

If you live outside the Mid St. Louis County region, online training allows you to still work with our top-tier certified professionals.

If You Have Limited Space

Our trainers can work in just about any space. Our rule of thumb is that if we can move the coffee table, we can workout there. However, some people feel that limited space makes online training the better choice for them.

If You Are Social Distancing

Online personal training has become more popular during the era of social distancing. This is a great way for vulnerable segments of the population to stay fit without leaving the home.

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