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Greenwich Personal Training Services

Discover a More Convenient Exercise Routine with GYMGUYZ

Although maintaining a fitness routine is essential for good physical and mental health, it isn’t always easy to make time for a trip to the gym. At GYMGUYZ Southern Fairfield County, we’ve solved that problem for you – by bringing the gym directly to you instead!

Our experienced and highly-trained fitness professionals can show up anywhere(the park, your home, the office) to help you get in shape, and we will bring along all the state-of-the-art workout equipment you need.

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or train for an athletic event, our Greenwich private personal training can be customized to meet your specific goals and needs.

Contact us at (203) 590-9570 for a free first session + assessment.

Our private personal Training Services in Fairfield County

A GYMGUYZ personal trainer leading a yoga class in GreenwichFrom yoga to calisthenics to gymnastics, our certified personal trainers will help you create a personalized, challenging program so that you get the benefits and results you want.

Studies show that a good support system is the key to achieving your fitness goals, and at GYMGUYZ, that’s exactly what our friendly and motivational professionals will provide! Our Greenwich personal trainers welcome people of all ages and ability levels to get in the best shape of their life, while following strict COVID-19 safety policies

Pre- and Post-Natal Exercise

Exercise is important for expecting mothers. By reducing anxiety and increasing the flow of blood and oxygen, pre- and post-natal exercises can lower the risk of a premature birth or gestational diabetes, as well as contribute to positive long-term health gains for both mother and baby. Our certified trainers would be happy to help you create a safe and effective pre- or post-natal exercise regimen in Greenwich.

Strength Training

Strength training is one of the most effective ways to reduce chronic pain and build lean muscle, as it relies on resistance to create greater anaerobic endurance throughout the body. After your free initial assessment, our personal trainers will include time-tested strength training techniques in your fitness plan, allowing you to achieve the best possible results for your efforts.

Sports Conditioning

Improve your game with the help of our experienced personal trainers! By building up your basic athletic skills as well as sport-specific techniques, our sports conditioning programs can significantly increase your strength, agility, and overall performance. Our trainers also rely on the latest research-based conditioning methods to give you the athletic boost you need.

Senior Fitness

As we age, the risk of injury from movement increases sharply, so it’s important to keep up an exercise routine that will stabilize your muscles, increase your balance, and reduce stress and tension. Our Greenwich senior fitness trainers at GYMGUYZ Southern Fairfield County know exactly how to help you create a customized senior exercise routine and build healthy habits for life. No matter your ability level, our team is committed to improving your health through steady activity!

Corporate / Workplace Fitness

When your employees need to feel more energized and engaged, our corporate fitness plans may be the perfect way to rejuvenate everyone! Able to work with small and large groups alike, we can lead employees through challenging and enjoyable workouts that will reduce their stress levels. Because GYMGUYZ is a completely mobile service, we can provide on-site workouts even if you don’t have gym equipment in the office.

Weight Loss Training & Toning

Our certified personal trainers can help you design a customized workout plan that takes your unique body type, health needs, preferences, and metabolism into account.

woman doing squats with weights at home

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