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Exercise Classes for seniors in vernon

Senior fitness training: Staying Active Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Whether you are a seasoned gym-goer or someone less familiar with a specialized fitness, our senior fitness personal trainers in Sussex County can help.

Our team is made up of certified personal training professionals who can provide advice on how to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. During your initial assessment, our trainers will design a custom program built around your specific preferences and needs.

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Importance of Staying Active with Age

Senior Fitness Training in Vernon

There are many specific reasons that consistent exercise is important for active agers.

  • Heart & Lung Health: Physical activity keeps your lungs and heart strong. Exercise can reduce risk for heart disease.
  • Better Circulation: The heart and blood vessels can begin to stiffen with age. This is why feeling breathless becomes more common with age. Exercise can slow or reverse the effects of age on the cardiovascular system.
  • Controlling Blood Pressure: Regular exercise is key to keeping blood pressure down. Our trainers can provide insight on what kinds of exercise can help regulate blood pressure.
  • Managing Cholesterol: Exercise can help raise good cholesterol and manage bad cholesterol to keep arteries clear.
  • Reducing Stress & Anxiety: Few things are as damaging to health as stress and anxiety. Staying physically fit and active helps to relieve stress that would otherwise do damage to the body.
  • Lowering Risk of Diabetes: Diabetes is linked to weight problems. While diet is an important component in reducing the risk of diabetes, exercise is the other part of the equation.
  • Increase Energy: When you have more energy your quality of life improves. Fewer things stand in the way of doing what you want to do! Our trainers want you to experience these higher levels of energy.

Senior Fitness Training Focus

Our trainers will build workouts around the specific needs involved in your stage of life.

The types of workouts that you can expect include the following:

Functional Fitness

If you want to improve your ability to perform daily activities, functional fitness is a great place to start. The workouts are designed around practical needs like: lifting objects, climbing stairs, standing up, crouching down, staying balanced, etc.

Fall Prevention

Since falling is a danger that should be prevented at all costs, our senior fitness personal trainers can provide workouts designed with this in mind.

Nutrition for Older Active Adults

If you need advice on how to improve your diet, our team can help. We can guide you through eating habits that will help you to gain more from your workout and improve your overall fitness.

Bone Density & Muscle Mass

Since muscle mass is lost at a consistent rate as you age, preventing further loss of muscle can be an important focus for exercise. Our team can design workouts that take the effects of aging on bone density and muscle mass into account.

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