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Kristin and her team at GymGuyz fill a need for members of a local non profit who might not otherwise has access to fitness training. GymGuyz meets with clients and runs group exercise classes 2x per month. Not only does GymGuyz exercise along side clients, they make the time spent fun and impactful with nutrition information and by focusing on different areas of fitness training such as cardio and flexibility. An A+ overall!!

K. Wasson
I have been working out with GYMGUYZ since they started. I work out 3 days a week with highly competent and professional trainers who tailor the workouts to my needs. We started, first in person and then when the Covid-19 virus hit, we went virtual using FaceTime. Whether in person or virtual, the workout has been everything I was hoping for and more. The sessions are tailored to my needs. The trainers are highly motivating and inspire me to push myself. The entire GYMGUYZ program from initial meeting, through assessments and into training sessions is extremely high quality and professional. Well worth the investment in time and money.

Professional Trainers who tailor the workouts to my needs
Jenny A
I started training with GYMGUYZ when my gym closed due to Covid-19. My trainers, Whitney and Josh, have been great. They challenge me at each session with a unique workout and motivate me much more than I’ve been able to do on my own at the gym. Because of GYMGUYZ, I am in much better shape and I am less likely to skip a session because the trainers hold me accountable. I highly recommend GYMGUYZ Williamsburg to anyone needing a boost to their fitness routine!

They challenge me at each session with a unique workout and motivate me much more than I’ve been able to do on my own at the gym.
Matt D
Whitney and James (and the GYMGUYZ team) make exercising fun. The sessions are at a time and place that work for me and each session is different. They are definitely a motivating influence on my fitness journey.
Carrie D
Overall we are VERY happy! We all notice on the days we get up and start the day with a workout with him, we are so much more positive and energized. It’s just a great investment!
John D.
I was hesitant being a beginner but Kristin and James made me feel like I could do it, was patient and most importantly made me knowledgeable on better habits. The kindness and professionalism was through the roof and why I will use them and recommend them to my peers. Thank you Gymguyz!
Kathy Keene

I have had such a great experience with GYMGUYZ Williamsburg! I’ve had a gym membership for years and can confidently say that moving forward, their in-home personal training is all I need! The value for what you get is second to none. The team at GYMGUYZ tailors a plan to meet your training needs and achieve your fitness goals, and the trainers are outstanding! Highly recommend.

Roy C.
I have been working out with GymGuyz since they started. I started with 3 days a week working with James. We started, first in person and then when the Corona virus hit, we went to virtual using FaceTime. Whether in person or virtual, the quality of the workout has been more than I could have expected. When the quarantine started, I found myself with more time on my hands and so I added 2 more virtual workouts a week, these with Whitney. These sessions were of the same intensity and quality as the others. Now I’m doing 5 days a week. The sessions have been tailored to my needs and are led by highly motivated and professional trainers. The entire GymGuyz program from initial meeting, through assessments, and into training sessions is extremely high quality and professional. Well worth the investment in time and money.
Jim B.
I love GymGuyz Williamsburg! It’s so convenient and fun. Currently my husband and I are trying to get into shape together with group training. We have even been able to keep it up during social distancing during COVID 19. We have used FaceTime to turn into workout time!!!!!! The company is well run and the trainers are all excellent. The trainers are friendly and personable, and will give you a really good workout!!! We love Whitney!!!
Denise B.
After a sudden illness my 82 yr old mother who had been driving, shopping, self sufficient was suddenly immobile. Gym Guyz targeted program and professionalism have brought her back to life giving her the strength & confidence to live again. Kristin and her professional trainer Whitney accomplished what the physical therapist were unable to do. I am forever grateful!!
Vicki Bristow
I highly recommend Christian as a personal trainer. He is punctual, offers a variety of workouts, and is incredibly convenient to work with. Additionally, he takes the time to know his clients and how to customize the workout for each person’s personality and fitness goals. With his help, my friend and I were able to successfully train for the Haute Route. Christian is simply the BEST!
When I met Kristin I was impressed with her enthusiasm for GymGuyz. We met and talked one day over coffee and before I knew it I was sign my husband up for training. James came to the house to evaluate my husband and generated a plan for him to him with his balancing issues and work on his core among other things. Alex has been his trainer and they get along really well. He works with your schedule and he encourages and challenges you to do more. I would highly recommend GymGuyz to anyone looking looking to get in shape or as in my husband’s case get into a routine to help yourself. With them coming to your house it is so convenient. Thank you GymGuyz
GYMGUYZ Williamsburg has been instrumental in getting me into shape postpartum! I know I wouldn’t push myself this hard on my own, and the fact that they come to me is so convenient given that I have 3 small children. My trainer is great, too- he expects me to work hard but is always encouraging.
Meghan C.
Professional and friendly trainers come to you. My wife and I have been working out together. Though you are exercising you really don’t think about it as the whole experience is fun and different every week. Shout out to Whitney for being not only a great trainer but a very wonderful person as well. Thanks 🙂
Darren B.
With the gyms being closed, at least for now, the only place left to workout regularly is at home. In the past I was never able to commit to a home workout routine. However, my GYMGUYZ trainer, James, keeps me on task by doing FaceTime workouts and sending me workout on the Trainerize app that I can do in-between our FaceTime workouts. James is just as motivational on the video chat as he is in person and the workouts are every bit as intense!! Not missing a thing as far as fitness goes with these GUYZ!
Michael R.
I have been with Gymguyz for 8 weeks now; three mornings a week. The personalized one on one training is exactly what I was looking for in my own home. The last four weeks because of circumstances beyond control we have moved to virtual training. I was apprehensive at first; but it has worked out remarkably well. Whitney provided me with any equipment I may need and we have gotten creative with what I have at home. Josh does all his training with me with no extra weights and we work core and HIIT. Both of these trainers are professional and are constantly interacting with me as if they were in my garage with me. On a personal note, during this time of uncertainty and stress it is an hour during my day three days a week that I get to focus on just me. It has become a huge stress reducer and am so happy that Kristin, Whitney and Josh have all come up with creative ways to make this successful.
Elise F.
I was going to the local sports club three times a week for the past four years, and dreading every minute. I was going through the motions of exercise without seeing or feeling positive results. Ready to throw in the towel, I called GYMGUYZ as a last resort. It was the best phone call I have ever made. GYMGUYZ has been my coach for the past year and I can honestly say that I look forward to our daily workouts. Even though some days I think I cannot possibly do any more pushups or abdominal crunches, GYMGUYZ motivates and inspires me. GYMGUYZ belief in me has never wavered, and thanks to GYMGUYZ a new me has emerged. Thank you GYMGUYZ for changing my life.
Mary C.
I just want to let you know what a pleasure it is having Barry as our instructor. He’s friendly and very knowledgeable. He makes you feel comfortable and helps you when you’re unable to do some of the exercises. I certainly would like to have him as our instructor for the next session.
Rachel C.
I just want to let you know how much I LOVE these classes! I so look forward to each class, and as of today, have not missed a session. Barry is an incredible instructor; he takes his time to explain and show you each exercise. If it’s a tad too difficult, no problem, he’ll modify. Outside of loving summertime, the outdoors, and water classes, these classes have also proven to be a big plus for me health wise. I had a Total Knee Replacement 10 months ago, and up until June, walked with the aid of a cane. I spent 7 months in Physical Therapy and taking Barry’s classes has accelerated my recovery. My legs have become stronger and I have more endurance. I also have other health issues(need surgery on my shoulder) and Barry always took time to ensure I wasn’t hurting during any routine. All I can say is, where do we go from here?????
Anna O.
If anyone could benefit from having a genuinely-brilliant personal fitness trainer come to their home, they should definitely choose GYMGUYZ. GYMGUYZ has been working with both Sybil and I for the past six months. We are invariably impressed with their skills, techniques, innovativeness, and amazing knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Above all, their thoughtfulness and integrity are impressive!

Peter & Sybil S

Eleven months ago I was your typical 32 year old father of two; overweight, out of shape, and generally unmotivated to do anything about it. I figured between a two hour daily commute and 12 hour work days, I didn’t have time to work out at all. With a little prodding from my wife I decided to give a personal trainer a shot, but I was skeptical. GYMGUYZ was referred by a friend and they came over to give me my first serious workout in years. Within 2 weeks I began to feel different and look different. At the beginning I was 228 pounds and based on a series of measurements I had the equivalent body of a 68 year old. As of my last weigh, in I was 208 pounds and was I equivalent to a 30 year old. More importantly the workouts have improved how I feel, my energy level is up, and I actually look forward to the sessions now. For someone with a full work schedule, the convenience of having a home trainer who brings all the equipment can not be overstated. GYMGUYZ keeps the sessions fast paced and always incorporates new exercises and equipment. GYMGUYZ has a very positive attitude and gets the best out of his clients. Soon after I began, my wife started to work out with GYMGUYZ and we have since added on couple’s sessions as well. The work outs have now become a very important part of my routine and that is mostly because they keep them fun and challenging at the same time. I recommend GYMGUYZ to anyone who is looking for comprehensive, home based fitness training. You can’t find a better company as far as my wife and I are concerned.

Steven and Julie R.

To achieve the full benefit from a conditioning program, one needs the expertise and encouragement of a knowledgeable and caring personal trainer. GYMGUYZ, has been all this and more! We always look forward to our twice weekly sessions, GYMGUYZ never fails to delight us with a novel approach or new piece of equipment, which is essential to staying on course. In just three months of working with GYMGUYZ, we feel far greater strength, agility, and body tone. We’ve gone through the past golf season without the usual aches and pain. At our ages(let’s just say we’re eligible for discounts at the movies), it is amazing to be going back in time!
Michael & Joan R.
As a physician, I am constantly instructing my patients on the importance of proper diet and exercise. The only problem was that I did not practice what I professed until I met GYMGUYZ. Under GYMGUYZ watchful eye and through GYMGUYZ patient but powerful workouts, I can now look my patients in the eye and tell them that hard work does pay off. Thank you GYMGUYZ! I could not have done this without you.
Tony C.
I am writing to give GYMGUYZ my highest recommendation. GYMGUYZ possesses all attributes and skills of an excellent personal trainer. GYMGUYZ knows my abilities and created a program that suits my needs. They are diligent, responsive, and very concerned about my progress. My trainer is both very professional and personable. He clearly takes pride in doing a great job. In my particular case as a first time client of a personal trainer, my skill set was very limited. GYMGUYZ has taken me to a level where I thought I never could have been. Our workouts have consistently changed as my abilities have changed. The workouts are always challenging as GYMGUYZ has that perfect balance of knowledge, drive and enthusiasm that helps me get our sessions done. In our 5 months of exercise, I have lost 50 pounds, and with the body fat analyzer that GYMGUYZ provides, it has turned out to be all fat. I couldn’t of have asked for a better company.
Marc E.
After having a baby, I found myself to be in pretty bad shape. I wanted so badly to be able to play with my son and be the active mom I always dreamed of. I contacted GYMGUYZ in hopes of getting healthy and fit. My personal trainer literally changed my life. His professionalism, dedication, knowledge and encouragement helped pave the way for my 60 pound weight loss. I feel so energetic and confident with my new body, and best of all I can run around with my son as often as I want. Having GYMGUYZ come to my home keeps me focused and on track. I highly recommend GYMGUYZ. I couldn’t have lost the weight without them!
Dianna E.
All my life, I have struggled with my weight. After months of regular gym visits and minimal results, I knew it was time for a change. This change would come in the form of GYMGUYZ. I am currently down 44 pounds and still losing. Not only have I lost weight but I have become stronger both physically and emotionally. Looking better is just part of it, there is so much more. Thanks to the knowledge, versatility and patience of GYMGUYZ, I now look at working out as a privilege not a chore. Working out with GYMGUYZ has really given me a sense of pride and accomplishment. I now have the confidence to realize that I can achieve all of my goals! Never before have I appreciated the mind-body connection so much. I can’t thank GYMGUYZ enough or recommend them any more than I already do to anyone who is looking to be what they have always wanted.
Heather H.
I was nervous at first about having someone come into my home to train me, but GYMGUYZ has been nothing but professional and incredibly competent. GYMGUYZ has the whole routine down, and I’m never bored during a workout nor is any minute spent on set up. It all moves like clockwork with GYMGUYZ. I am now able to do things I never did before, and the changes are incredible. I have more energy and even look forward to working out with my trainer. The best part is the way I feel! I FEEL AMAZING!

Robin L.

GYMGUYZ, thank you so much for everything. I used to not even be able to make it up a staircase without losing my breath. Since working out with you, I’m stronger, have more energy and can do things I never imagined I could ever do. You are so professional and totally know what you are doing! Having you in my home is so easy because you make it comfortable and fun! Thank you for really changing my life. I love working out now, and I continue to look forward to our sessions every week.
Ronit S.
Absolutely great! You deserve every success. You certainly have extended 200 percent every day since I joined GYMGUYZ. You and your professional, polite and knowledgeable crew have kept me alive. I am 70 years old, and when I finish my workout, I feel like 25. I think it is close to two years that I have been with you. I started out not able to lift anything more than a pound or two, and I really spent my life without exercising. It’s never too late to get in shape. Your professionals know just how hard to push, and the results are amazing. Thank you Josh, Audra, Mike and my current coach Matt who has done wonders with me. I wish you the best of luck. You had a brilliant idea, and you made it work for all the people who benefit from your service everyday. I look forward to a long association with you and your trainers. THANK YOU!
Fran B.
I want to express how happy I am with my training sessions with Sam Langer from GYMGUYZ, Westchester. Sam takes into consideration back surgery which I had 2 years ago and has created a workout to strengthen areas in need. He changes routines from week to week to make working out fun. Looking forward to my next workout. Thank you!
Fran L
Thank you GYMGUYZ!!!! I just wanted to share something with you. I was able to fit into a pair of tailored pants that I haven’t worn in three years because they were too tight and couldn’t even pass my hips…they don’t stretch. They fit perfectly now and even have a little room! As you said, it’s not about the weight loss, but about the inches. I’m so proud of myself because I’m now seeing the results in my clothing. I couldn’t have done this without you! You push me, you are dedicated and are very professional. Thanks again and I can’t wait for my next training session!
Shelly S.

I’ve been participating in GYMGUYZ small group classes working with Stacie Johns-Fink. I really appreciate the intimate, personalized nature of the small group classes. Having a few other people in the room allows us all to push each other a little further. There’s not so many people where I get lost. Stacie is able to spend time with each participant at some point. Stacie is super motivating and has a way of bringing out my full fitness potential and I am able to grow and build my fitness skills each week.

Mason had a wonderful experience working out over the winter with Markie and your team. He learned several new ways to exercise while having fun. It was not the normal stand on the treadmill process that he was used too. He has really taken to the new approach and now works to improve his health on a daily basis. Thanks so much for the outstanding and unique way of helping kids and adults improve their health. Great stuff. Also, thanks to Markie for all his efforts, he was a great instructor.
Steve A.
I’ve only done the initial consultation so far, but as far as that goes it was truly a great experience. Having belonged to gyms and worked with trainers before, I was really impressed with the level of professionalism yet warmth, the level of knowledge, the exceptionally thorough interview questions about my health, level of fitness, desired goals, etc. Then having the opportunity to work out a little keeping my limitations in mind was icing on the cake and sealed the deal for me. I am starting with my first session this week and am really looking forward to it.

Sharon G.

Working with GYMGUYZ and Coach Clint was an excellent experience. They helped me with my core strength and back flexibility. I am more active and on the road to better health. You cannot go wrong with professionals like this and the dedication they bring to you.


Dunedin, FL