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Why Fall is the Perfect Season to Kickstart Your Fitness

We love the fall season, and while it might not technically be here just yet, we consider the start of September to be “fall enough”. Pumpkin spice lattes are definitely a huge benefit, but we can think of plenty of other reasons to love fall (and yes, they center around another one of our favorite things— fitness!)

Chillier weather

The chill in the air that comes with the sun rising earlier and setting later is sublime. It’s perfect weather to throw on a sweatshirt over your favorite workout tee, lace up your shoes, and head out the door. If you have fall allergies, be sure to handle them appropriately, because the fall season is definitely one that you don’t want to miss in terms of spending time outside. We prefer the fall for working out outside, as the chillier temperature ensures we won’t overheat and we can clock in some sunshine before the weather changes once again (for those who get to enjoy all four seasons!).

Seasonal produce

Sure, every season comes with its delicious, healthy harvests. But with late summer and early fall picks, you can make comfort foods the healthy way (think: Acorn Squash Soup!). Apples, pumpkin, winter squash, sweet potatoes, and so many other versatile options are readily available to us, so why not take full advantage? The best part about squash is that it has a long shelf life in comparison to other produce, so you can save some money by buying it while it’s in season and storing it until you need it!

Better sleep

Chillier air is great for more than just workouts! You know how we feel about sleep— can’t get enough. Depending on where you live, the summer months can be brutal on our sleep. We all tend to fall victim to either blasting the costly AC or sweating through the night. If you fall into the latter, you’re probably waking up throughout the night, and when your alarm goes off in the morning, you’re most likely hitting the snooze bar groggily as you roll over, sticking to your sheets, and falling back asleep— and we wouldn’t be surprised if this happens on repeat, because it’s happened to us! When the temp drops, we are graced with the ability to leave our bedroom windows open without disdain and without fans blasting. Sleep on.

Workouts that don’t feel like workouts

There are so many fun fall activities that you can plan with your friends and family throughout the fall. Find out what’s unique to your region— corn mazes, pumpkin picking, apple picking, and nature walks are all great ways to bond while getting a little bit of fresh air and exercise, without even realizing it. Not a fan of raking leaves? Turn it into a workout opportunity and you might change your tune— and you can do it over and over again if you DO happen to be a fan of jumping into the resulting piles.
Embrace the fall season and take this opportunity to kickstart your fitness routine. If you need a little help, don’t hesitate to give us a call— we’re always here to help you along your journey.