With a lifetime of physical activity and over a decade of training experience, Josh boasts a strong fitness background. Earning his ISSA certification in 2015, his mission is to transform the lives of communities by instilling a commitment to lifelong physical activity, healthy eating habits, and overall well-being. He aims to cultivate a positive workplace for top fitness coaches in the industry. Holding senior C-level positions in Fortune 500 companies, Josh holds a BA in English and an MBA in Strategic Management. His company accolades include being named the 2022 International Franchise Association Franchise of the Year, 2022 GYMGUYZ Franchise Partner of the Year, and receiving numerous awards for service excellence and leadership.



As a former MMA fighter, Jen discovered her passion for health and fitness while preparing for her fights. She knew to become a successful fighter she also had to implement a certain lifestyle. This led to her NASM certification as a personal trainer to help others achieve a better, healthier version of themselves. She specializes in self-defense training, weight loss, toning, functional training, strength training, boxing fitness, Brazilian jujitsu, and mobility training, and more. Jen is also a full-time firefighter!



Troy is a dedicated personal trainer with 10 years of expertise. He holds certifications from the International Sports Science Academy and TRX, specializing in strength and conditioning, as well as boxing, Muay Thai, and freestyle fighting. Troy’s favorite mantra, “we all gotta start somewhere,” embodies his belief in the power of energy and effort. He promises to guide his clients through their fitness journey with utmost care and dedication. Beyond fitness, Troy finds joy in artistic pursuits, expressing himself through various forms of art. Troy is a leader in client engagement and has helped clients of all ages and abilitites attain exceptional results.



Cliff, with 15 years of experience as a personal trainer, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. He holds a BA from Yale University and is certified as an ACE Personal Trainer and an AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, with over a decade of experience in the field. Cliff draws inspiration from the words of Lee Haney, believing that with the right motivation, anything is achievable, albeit with significant determination, inner strength, drive, and discipline. To maintain his fitness levels, Cliff engages in resistance training, ensuring he stays in top form to better serve his clients. Cliff works with clients of all ages and abilities including adaptive clients.



As a personal trainer, class instructor and yoga instructor – Kate brings over 15 years of dedicated yoga practice and fitness experience to her teaching. Her journey with yoga began in her youth, sparked by curiosity about poses and movements. In college, she delved deeper, learning ashtanga yoga and honing body awareness to perfect her postures.

Transitioning into the fashion industry post-college brought emotional stress, but Kate found solace in yoga, using it as a release after work. Witnessing the profound physical and mental benefits of consistent practice, she decided to deepen her understanding.

Certified with YTT-200hr and pursuing YTT-500hr, Kate is committed to sharing her knowledge and giving undivided attention to her students. Her classes prioritize breathing, body alignment, relaxation, and body awareness, all while emphasizing injury prevention. She aspires to spread the joy of yoga to individuals of all ages and abilities. Kate is also a NASM certified personal trainer. Her class and private sessions are off the charts!




Andres holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Culture & Sports and a Master`s degree in Physical Activity & Training. He has 15 years of professional experience as a personal trainer and class instructor. Andres can train in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. His passions include weightlifting, tennis, and helping clients attain goals they never dreamed possible. Andres works with clients of all levels and abilities and has set a high bar for helping them attain goals with among the best reviews and metrics for results and retention. You will be in great hands with Andres!
Personal Trainer Galiya



Galiya is an accomplished Zumba and class trainer with over eight years of dedicated experience in the fitness industry. Specializing in group fitness classes which includes a diverse range of classes such as Dance Fitness, Zumba, STRONG Nation, and Aqua Zumba, each designed to provide a dynamic and engaging workout experience. Galiya’s classes are known for their high energy, fun atmosphere, and effective results. She is able to motivate participants of all ages and fitness levels ensuring that every participant can achieve their fitness goals while enjoying the process.



Christina has been deeply immersed in fitness for several years, obtaining official certification in November 2019. With over 5 years of experience as a trainer and manager, she holds certifications in personal training, Special Strong, pre- and post-natal training, and fitness nutrition from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). With a BA in Communications, Christina’s guiding mantra is “Work hard in silence, let success be your noise.” Outside of fitness, she enjoys running, outdoor activities, and beachside adventures. Christina has participated in various races and half marathons, including the New York City Half Marathon, alongside indulging in new culinary experiences, believing in the importance of maintaining a healthy balance in life. Christina has extensive experience with clients of all abilities and fitness levels. She’s got you covered!
Personal Trainer Rocky



With over 18 years of transformative personal training experience, Rocky’s journey began after graduating from the American Academy of Personal Training in 2007 by starting his career in private high-profile studios in NYC.

Having harbored a lifelong passion for sports and fitness, Rocky’s dedication stems from his own experiences running track and playing football in his youth. His greatest fulfillment lies in aiding clients in achieving their fitness aspirations and supporting them throughout their transformation journey.

Specializing in fat loss, strength training, and muscle toning, Rocky caters to individuals of all proficiency levels, from beginners to advanced athletes. He tailors custom workouts to each client’s needs, considering factors such as experience level, prior injuries, and specific goals. With Rocky, clients can rest assured they’re in capable hands on their fitness journey.

Personal Trainer Matthew



Matthew Sinclair, a seasoned fitness trainer with 15 years of experience, pursued his passion for exercise after studying athletic training and kinesiology at Montclair State University. He holds certifications from NASM, NCSF, NCEP, and is also trained in CPR/AED by the American Red Cross. To stay in shape, he engages in a diverse range of activities including stability, mobility, prehab, calisthenics, strength training, circuit training, and running.

Matthew’s journey into fitness began in high school, where he excelled in football, wrestling, and track. Initially drawn to philosophy and sociology, his fascination with the human anatomy and exercise’s impact led him to switch paths. Now, he finds joy in both his personal fitness regimen and guiding others on their journey to improve their lives through exercise. Matthew brings a high-level, holistic, analytical approach to training. He has worked with clients of all levels and abilities – from medically oriented fitness, to weight-loss and athletic training. He has worked with a very broad scope of clients. Matthew leads in client outcomes, engagement, and retention. You will be in superb care with him – and you will work!




Brooklyn native Michael Anthony Stone, a military veteran, brings passion and creativity to help his clients reach their goals. He has been working with people with a variety of needs for over 30 years. Certified in a myriad of modalities including senior fitness, pre- and postnatal, Prana Yoga, Self-Myofascial Release, special strong, and kickboxing, Michael knows how to keep training fresh and enjoyable. Michael works with clients of all ages and abilities, from athletes to seniors and adaptive clients. He brings an integrative approach to his sessions and is among the best there is in client outcomes, engagement and retention!

Personal Trainer Heather



Heather has been NASM certified for 11 years. A former body builder and fitness competitor, Heather has worked with clients of all fitness levels and abilities in provate sessions, virtual sessions and live classes. She has trained kids, athletes, pre- and postnatal, adults, seniors and everything in between. Heather brings warmth, experience, knowledge and results to her sessions. As an industry veteran, she gets results and brings good energy!



Mitchell with 11 years of experience, Mitch holds certifications as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and personal trainer – as well as a Bachelor of Science in Finance and credentials as a Registered Nurse and Physical Therapist. Mitchell finds inspiration in Alexander Pope’s words, “To err is human, to forgive is divine.” Outside of fitness, he enjoys staying active with tennis and hockey, as well as serving in EMS (Emergency Medical Service). Mitch has trained clients of all ages and abilities from kids to seniors, adaptive clients, and athletes. Mitch is also an avid hockey and tennis player and coach! With his extensive medical background and first-hand fitness experience, you will be in superb care with Mitch!



Tai Chi Instructor 

After graduating Magna Cum Laude in Anthropology from Brandeis University, I set out traveling, in order to experience by firsthand knowledge the art of ‘staying in places long enough to immerse myself in distant cultures’. It was my first exploration of stillness through movement.

In 2007 at One Drop Monastery in Washington State, I was introduced to Tai Chi and learned the principal of non-Doing (i.e., moving the body without a mover.) Since then, I have been studying the Yang 37 posture short form, sword, sensing hands and Dai Lu. I continue to seek ways to understand and convey the beautiful logic and natural physics of the form while honoring the healing, relaxing, mental focus, internal strength building, Chi (energy) flow and communal bonding that naturally takes place in a Tai Chi practice. Today prominent researchers such as Katherine Kerr (Brown University) and Dr. Peter Wayne (Harvard Medical school) are connecting movement based embodied contemplative practices to scientific findings, affirming that yes – this stuff is for real! Even for us skeptics!

In the words of my teacher Wolfe Lowenthal, (whose teachings are steeped in the Tao) in Tai Chi “There are no secrets,” only mysteries we unfold together.

I have taught in libraries, nursing homes, Martial Arts schools, Neurology centers, parks, senior centers, community centers, and retreat centers. For me, Tai Chi is a way of life; a method-less method for undoing and remodeling everyday excess, tension, and imbalance.




Petros is a certified personal trainer and physical therapist assistant. But wait – there’s more… with over 40 years of proficiency in Chinese martial arts, including ying zhao quan, Chang quan, Tai Chi, kickboxing, Petros also boasts over 30 years of experience instructing cleints to attain there goals. He works with individuals, groups and classes accordingly. Petros is also an expert dance teacher, specializing in ballroom and latin dance – serving as both instructor, competitor and adjudicator. With 17 years as a Physical Therapist Assistant specializing in musculoskeletal and neurological disorders, he offers valuable insight and support in rehabilitation. Furthermore, Petros is well-versed in sports medicine, pediatric physical therapy, manual therapy, and exercise physiology, rounding out his comprehensive skill set. Petros is the real deal. Get ready to get healthy!
Personal Trainer - Lisa



Lisa, a 30-year tenured Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical/Management Dietetics and a Master’s Degree in Medical Biology and Nutrition. With experience in acute care and rehabilitation settings, she is dedicated to educating individuals on the vital connection between nutrition and health. Lisa creates customized nutrition profiles and meal plans with her clients, ensureing the are customized and actionable. She brings warmth and empathy to her sessions. Lisa finds inspiration in Sydney J. Harris’s words: “Happiness is a direction, not a place.”
Personal Trainer Allison



Allison’s love for dance ignited her journey into fitness, starting with Zumba in 2012. Since obtaining her Zumba Certification in 2018, she has delved into various fitness formats, driven by her passion for energetic group exercises. As a Certified Group Fitness Instructor through the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), and certified in Zumba, Aqua Zumba, and Zumba Gold, Allison is dedicated to inspiring and motivating others to achieve their fitness goals. Her guiding principle, “Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today,” reflects her commitment to personal growth and progress.

Personal Trainer Edwin



Edwin is an ISSA-certified personal trainer and nutritionist with 5 years of experience. He specializes in weight management and group instruction. Edwin walks the walk as a healthy lifestyle practictioner. Among his expertises is ‘animal flow fitness’. He believes success lies in trusting the process and prioritizes setting clear, measurable objectives. Outside of fitness, Edwin enjoys soccer.



Ozzy is a competent, self-motivated, and enthusiastic personal trainer committed to enhancing the health and fitness of his clients. As an ISSA certified trainer and bodybuilding coach with over 5 years of experience, he brings dedication and hard work to his profession, ensuring his clients reach their fitness goals effectively.Ozzy has worked with clients iof all ages and abilities and specializes in toning, power lifting, and weight loss. Ozzy has mutliple clients who have lost over 75 lbs. Get ready to sweat!
Personal Trainer Timothy



A certified personal trainer and working physical therapy assistant, Timothy brings the science and know-how with his experience. He is equipped with a Bachelors in Exercise Science from Stockton University, holds certifications as a PT, PTA, and is AHA certified. His mission is to empower clients to achieve their fitness aspirations and embrace a healthier lifestyle, enhancing their overall quality of life. Timothy lives by the mantra, “You will never regret working hard,” encapsulating his dedication to helping others succeed through diligent effort. Tim is earning his Doctorate of Physical Therapy and has worked with clients raning from athletes to medical fitness and everything between. You will be in excellent care with Tim!



Brian S is NPTI certified, Special Strong certified, and more. With 4 years of heavy rotation in tthe field, he believes in ‘meeting people where they are’ in their fitness journey. After shedding around 100 lbs himself, he’s passionate about helping others reach their goals and become their best selves. Brian strives to create tailored, enjoyable workouts that keep individuals motivated to achieve their aspirations. Brian has worked with clients axcross the board from young people to seniors, athletes to medical clients, prenatal, adaptie clients, and more. He also excels in stretch therapy.
Personal Trainer James



James, with 17 years of experience, is an NCSF Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. He specializes in special populations, athletic conditioning, balance, and mobility. His mantra is “Be at peace with yourself,” and he finds joy in music. James bring s high-level preparation to his sessions and puts thought into every session for every client. He brings positive energy always and loves educating his clients as well. You will be in excellent hands with James!



Hailing from film, tv, theater and dance, Erika brings great positive energy to her clients & classes. A former fitness competitor, she is all about ‘expressions of the body’ and uses music to bring it to life. Erika is a certified personal trainer able to work with clients of all ages and abilities. Among the classes Erika instructs are Latin dance fitness, dumbbell dance, aerobics, belly dance fitness classes, yoga, Pilates, Spin, bootcamps, and much more. Erika’s classes can employ weights or body weight alone. With over a decade in the fitness industry, she works with clients of all ages, experience levels, and fitness levels including senior fitness, kids’ fitness, and adaptive fitness. Get ready to move!
Personal Trainer Tatyana



Tatyana, a certified personal trainer, yoga, and Pilates instructor with over 12 years of experience, is dedicated to helping individuals feel their best physically and mentally. As a class instructor, she specializes in yoga, including prenatal yoga, excelling at adapting to her students’ needs and honoring each person’s unique journey. As a personal trainer, Tatyana works with clients of all ages and abilities including adaptive clients and seniors. A chemist by education and trade, Tatyana looks forward to supporting clients in becoming their best selves.



A former police detective, Peter is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Behavior Change Specialist with CPR/AED credentials. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Pace University. Passionate about helping others reach their potential, he enjoys beach outings, soccer, golf, and catching live music, all while staying active with workouts. Peter works with clients of all ages and abilities. He brings great energy and positivity to his clients. Get ready to sweat and get results!



Joe holds a certification in personal training from NASM and a group certification from AFAA. He has over 20 years of athletic experience, including a tenure as a Division 1 Athlete in wrestling at Davidson College. His interests include weightlifting, calisthenics, running, and music. He wants to help his clients achieve their goals in a structured and efficient manner. While an athlete in college, Joe majored in Philosophy.



As a Certified Personal Trainer (ISSA), with over 40 years of experience, Etienne has trained clients of all walks of life – from athletes to seniors, youth to clients with injuries and health conditions. Been there and helped!

“I have always lived a very active lifestyle, whether cycling, playing squash or table tennis. Martial Arts and fight sports are what I truly get excited about.

I have trained and competed in Full Contact Karate, where I hold a second degree blackbelt, and am currently a Muay Thai coach and instructor. Training in Thailand and competing are to this day some of my all-time favorite experiences.Training all levels of clients, whether novices who just want to get healthy or those ready to compete, still gets me excited even after all these years. Give me your best effort, and let’s get those goals accomplished!” IN his spare time, Etienne is an accomplished musician.

nolan hill personal trainer

Nolan Hill


Nolan, a certified NASM personal trainer with three years of experience, is dedicated to assisting individuals to achieve their desired fitness and weight loss goals. A former college basketball player, Nolan has walked the walk and knows how to help clients get results! “I believe that with discipline, determination, and drive, anyone can attain the body they desire. I want to be the light that will help guide you throughout your fitness journey!” Nolan is also an active boxer and boxing trainer. HIs sessions are prepared, customized and he gets engagement and results!

paul carter personal trainer

Paul Carter


Paul, a Certified Personal Trainer for 4 years through the National Council of Strength and Fitness (NCSF), is also an active Fire Fighter and EMT. Beyond work, he enjoys reading, hiking, and traveling. Paul believes in the connection between a strong body and a strong mind, which drives his passion for fitness. His ultimate goal is to help others discover a holistic approach to unlocking their true potential, emphasizing the value of health and wellness throughout their journey.




NASM certified trainer and instructor, Christopher started training professionally after falling in love with fitness. As a former kid who quit every sport he tried, he came to fitness later. He got interested during a time he needed it, and at first appreciated the mental benefits – then he got hooked on the improvements in strength and conditioning. Now, he’s mentally stronger, much leaner, and can overhead press a medium-sized man! The all-at-once benefits he gained from exercise inform his training approach by working on weight loss which can lead to greater mobility. Working on mobility can improve balance. Greater balance can give us more strength. More strength can be more weight loss. Everything is everything. His Favorite Quote: “I delight in what I fear.” Chris has experience with clients from across the spectrum of life. He will bring his great energy, professionalism and accountability to your sessions!




Joshua Schleifer is a certified personal trainer with over a decade of experience serving clients of all ages and abilities. Among his specialties are senior fitness, adaptive fitness, weight loss, athletic training, medically-oriented fitness, and much more! His expertise extends across private, semi-private, and group sessions, including bootcamps. Expect an amazing workout with Joshua! He can do it all!



With 8 years of experience, Hazar is a reliable and caring individual who strives to make the best out of every client. Though well-rounded and experienced with clients of all ages and abilities, Hazar specializes in Functional Training, Weight Loss, Strength Training, and Body Building. Hazar excels at developing simple and effective training routines for busy clients who can’t spend an hour at the gym several times a week.

Hazar encourages and promotes activities and methods that enable clients to change unhealthy habits and provide the fuel for a healthy mind and body. Supporting others towards long-term fitness and health goals has become Hazar’s passion. You will love working with her as the guide on your fitness journey!




Mohamad is a certified personal trainer with over 10 years of experience. He is dedicated to promoting health and fitness through personalized exercise and nutrition programs tailored to clients’ specific needs. His expertise spans various sports, including swimming, futsal, and tennis, and includes the use of cutting-edge technologies like Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS). He has grown his client base by 15% and achieved a 97% satisfaction rate by leveraging strong communication skills and a deep knowledge of human anatomy, exercise programs, and injury prevention. Mohamad’s education includes an M.S. in Sports Science with a focus on movement, performance, and health, along with a Diplôme Universitaire Européen en Pratique Physique from the University of Claude Bernard. He is ISSA certified, have completed numerous specialized training programs, and hold certifications in first aid, CPR, and AED. Additionally, he has successfully coached young athletes, leading teams to a 60% win rate in major competitions.