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GYMGUYZ, the world’s largest in-home and on-site personal training franchise, is expanding its services by launching Assisted Stretch services alongside its existing training programs. Their distinctive red-branded vehicles make fitness incredibly convenient by bringing personal trainers, equipment, and customized workouts directly to clients’ doors. This convenience factor has led to dramatic results for clients seeking more frequent and consistent workouts.

In a significant development, GYMGUYZ is hosting its seventh annual Recharge Convention in Orlando this month, from September 20 to September 22. The convention’s focal point will be the launch of their Assisted Stretch services, and all GYMGUYZ trainers will undergo the necessary training to offer  this service to clients.

Starting from September 18th, Assisted Stretch services will be available at participating GYMGUYZ locations. Clients will have the flexibility to incorporate a 30-minute assisted stretch session into their existing personal training package, either at the beginning or end of their session. Additionally, GYMGUYZ will offer 50-minute stretch sessions at a reasonable cost.

Personal Trainers at GYMGUYZ are experienced in assisted stretch and are required to complete certification training, ensuring that all trainers at participating locations receive Nationally Accredited Certifications in Assisted Stretch Therapy. This new service will focus on improving flexibility and mobility, often overlooked but vital aspects of fitness.

“At GYMGUYZ, we are persistent in our pursuit of empowering our clients with the tools they need to achieve their fitness goals” stated Phil Brojan, President of GYMGUYZ. “The launch of Assisted Stretch is a testament to our commitment to excellence and is sure to elevate our client’s fitness journey”

Assisted Stretch sessions will be tailored to individual fitness routines, offering personalization based on client requests. GYMGUYZ will provide all the necessary equipment, including foam rollers, stretch bands, and a portable stretch table covered with hospital-grade disposable sheets.

GYMGUYZ offers a diverse range of customized fitness programs, including strength training, cardio fitness, sports conditioning, group fitness, weight loss and toning, senior fitness, youth and teen fitness, assisted stretch, and nutrition counseling, allowing individuals to achieve their health goals.

Notably, GYMGUYZ’s Certified Personal Trainers are experts in GYMGUYZ methodologies, ensuring that each workout is unique, engaging, and challenging. The company does not require contracts or monthly fees, and they offer the first session for free, making their services accessible.

In response to the evolving corporate wellness landscape, GYMGUYZ has become a vital player, helping companies entice employees back to the office and maintain the health of remote workers.

With a robust 15-year business model, GYMGUYZ is making a positive impact on lives by offering convenient, tailored, and innovative workout solutions. Currently, GYMGUYZ operates in over 1,000 cities across three countries and continues to experience rapid growth as in-home and on-site workouts gain popularity. Expanding beyond the consumer market, GYMGUYZ now offers corporate fitness programs at various institutions, including corporations, schools, hospitals, and residential communities like apartment complexes and senior living centers.

Furthermore, GYMGUYZ has plans to include stretch services within their extensive portfolio of in-home and on-site fitness offerings. They have been piloting these services in recent months and aim for a systemwide launch in late Q3, further diversifying their fitness solutions.

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