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History talks. That’s why when I found out that apple cider vinegar has been used for thousands of years (dating back to Hippocrates) as a healing and cleansing substance, I had to do a bit of research— there has to be something behind this if it’s been relied on by so many for so long, right? There wouldn’t be numbers of books and thousands of years of documented uses and benefits without grounds. So I scoured the internet, and these are only a handful of the benefits that many claim apple cider vinegar, or ACV, has on the body (but it’s also great for cleaning, removing odors, and disinfecting!):

Aids in Treating Diabetes:
Apple cider vinegar helps lower blood sugar levels and is helpful to patients with Type II diabetes. Good thing to know, as almost 10% of Americans have Type II diabetes. If you have Type II and are looking to try something new for your health, talk to your doctor and see if incorporating a little bit of ACV into your healthy diet regularly would be a good option for you on top of making sure you get exercise regularly as well.

Weight Loss Aid:
The enzymes and proteins in ACV help you to feel full for longer— so it helps you lose weight in the sense that you don’t feel like snacking as much as you would otherwise. Again, it’s not a full-fledged solution: You need to make sure you’re taking other measures if weight loss is your goal; drinking ACV in your water won’t magically make you lose weight by itself. Make sure that the ACV is an incorporation into an already-healthy diet, and get regular exercise on top of that.

Detox and Digestion:
Interestingly enough, ACV is one method to combat fatty liver disease (something that, unfortunately, plagues many Americans without us even noticing). It helps to break apart fats and cleanses the liver in the process (along with all of your other digestive organs). Similarly, ACV aids in digestion— it contains enzymes and probiotics that help you digest food much easier if you’re someone who’s having a bit of tummy trouble. If you’ve been having trouble with your GI tract, try regularly drinking an ACV/water mixture for a few weeks and see how you start to feel.

Clearing Sinuses:
ACV, as previously mentioned, is pretty handy when it comes to breaking things down that we don’t like. Thank you, good bacteria. So when you’re feeling sniffly or your allergies start to take a toll, sip a strong mixture of ACV and water— it’ll break down your mucus and you’ll be able to breathe clearly again in no time.

Energy Drink:
Apple cider vinegar is all natural, and extremely low in calories (3 per tablespoon). And since a little goes a long way, a small amount mixed into your water will give you the boost you need, with no caloric cost to you. Before you head to a workout, mix together one or two tablespoons of ACV into an 8-oz cup of water (increase if your glass is larger). Drink before, and again after, to replenish your body with enzymes and electrolytes.

The Take-Home:
It’s important to note that while these claims are all made, and made by many, the claims aren’t fully backed by research. The many claims made throughout the course of thousands of years, though, does sound pretty promising— do we have something to learn from the doctors of times long passed? In any case, your health is our concern, so if you feel that you have something to gain by using ACV, give it a try! We’d love to hear your own testimonials.