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Did last year’s New Year’s Resolutions did not work out the way you intended? Read below and let’s make this year’s goals happen for you, together!

1. Accountability: 

As the New Year has come, and gyms are getting more packed by the minute, why not try hiring a personal trainer (more specifically an In-Home and On-Site personal trainer from GYMGUYZ) to help you reach your goals. By tagging in another person and letting them in on what you would like to accomplish, you now have two points of accountability. One from yourself, and one from your trainer – whose job it is to help you exceed your own expectations.

2. Be Realistic:

Do not try to boil the ocean here. Start small and scale up. Understand that there will be pitfalls and setbacks, but also know that by creating small goals along the way that you are more likely to accomplish each one of them, and see immense growth over time. If you want to have a great day, start by making your bed. If you want to improve your overall health and fitness, start with the first step.

3. Make Mistakes:

Misguided action beats inaction 10 times out of 10. It is better to start taking steps, start watching health and fitness videos, speak with a personal trainer, sign up for a new online fitness coaching plan rather than just keeping your same $10.95/month gym membership and never going because its too cheap to justify canceling. If you keep doing what you have done, you will not get to where you want to be. So go and try new things, even if you make some mistakes along the way.

4. Nutrition

Nutrition is key! We have nutritional counseling available at most GYMGUYZ locations to help. We also partner with Trifecta Nutrition to help bring you customizable meal plans at a discounted rate.

5. Have Fun!

If you do not enjoy accomplishing your goals, you will never get to the finish line you were hoping for. Find fun ways to do on a daily basis that will not only excite your brain, but get your body closer to the health and fitness goals you have set out for yourself. These will keep you on track.