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They say, “if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen”. Well, we all know that the same does NOT go for the sunshine. It’s finally summer, and the sun feels amazing. That is, until we get burned. The risks are real— one in five Americans will develop skin cancer at some point during their lifetime ( Protecting your skin from the sun is a vital and often overlooked part of this glorious summer heat, and while it might seem like a hassle, you definitely want to make sure you’re taking the time and precautions necessary to avoid any form of permanent skin damage (as badly as you want that tan, it’s not worth the pain!).


Before you head off for a workout or to a ballgame, be sure to sun-proof your skin and take a few extra steps along the way:

  • Apply sunscreen. Opt for a high SPF, at least 30.
  • Follow the instructions on the bottle: Be sure to reapply after the recommended amount of time to avoid the risk of burning.
  • Give it about 20 minutes to soak into your skin before you go out.
  • Don’t forget to cover the tops of your ears with sunscreen, they burn so easily!
  • Wear sunglasses. Just like your skin, your eyes are easily damaged by the sun’s rays. It’s never a bad time to invest in a pair of shades that offer UV protection. Polarized sunglasses, while expensive, are also helpful, as they increase your capability to see in bright light, even with the presence of glares. Plus, you have the added benefit of looking extra-cool.
  • Wear a hat. If you’re not a hat person, don’t let it stop you. Whether you have hair or not, and regardless of the amount, your scalp can burn. Who wants that to happen? Nobody. Sunburn is bad enough anywhere else on your body. Sunburn of the scalp sounds unbearable. Imagine working aloe through a thick head of hair. It doesn’t work. Don’t let it get to that point; wear a hat.


Understandably, we don’t always remember to protect ourselves from the sun before we head out. Inevitably, we’ll end up with a burn at some point— so when that happens, be prepared. Here’s what you can do:

  • Use aloe. Keep it in the fridge. The coolness will shock your skin at first, but it will cool it down. You’ll feel much better.
  • Drink plenty of water. Hydrating your skin will help to counteract the moisture that was sapped from it.
  • Moisturize. Use a calming, hydrating lotion all over after you’ve been in the sun to help lock in moisture.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar bath: Sure, you’ll stink afterwards. Who cares? As long as it makes your skin stop feeling like sizzling bacon, it’s getting the job done. Dump a cup or two of ACV into a lukewarm bath and soak for 30 minutes or so. It’ll balance out the pH levels of your skin and help you feel a bit less crispy.

We all know that summer has so many incredible things to offer. Ice cream, fresh produce, time on the water, sunshine, the smell of fresh-cut grass, bonfires… The list is infinite. Make the most of it— one sunburn can lead to days of misery. You’ll feel achy and prickly when you try to work out, and nobody wants that! Schedule your GYMGUYZ workout at your outdoor location of choice and stick to it— but first, slather on that sunscreen!!