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List continued below. Enjoy your read:

  1. Safety
  • Unfortunately, the holiday season is also cold & flu season. Working with an In-Home Personal Trainer in the comfort of your home lessens your exposure to germs than working out in a gym. Spread health tips, not germs!
  1. Meditation & Breathing
  • Meditation can be a helpful tool to minimize stress and enhance mental health.
  1. Motivation
  • Struggle with motivation? Let our highly energetic personal trainers handle that part for you! We bring the energy to every workout.
  1. Equipment
  • We will bring all the state-of-the-art equipment you will need directly to your door in our GYMGUYZ branded red vans.
  1. Form
  • Our trainers will help you risk injury to your back, knees, shoulders, etc. by monitoring and guiding your form at every session.
  1. Corporate Benefits
  • Open enrollment season for health insurance plans and benefits is now! Does your company have health & wellness benefits, and are you taking advantage of them? GYMGUYZ works with a variety of different companies to make their employees fitter and can work with yours too!
  1. Longevity
  • The keys to longevity are a healthy diet, exercise, sleep, minimizing substances and stress, and engaging yourself socially and intellectually.
  1. Satisfaction
  • Love who you see when you look in the mirror!
  1. Sleep
  • Exercising regularly also promotes consistent sleep and is one of the best ways to let your body recover and heal, so you can utilize your full potential in the morning.
  1. Have Fun
  • Make your health a priority in your life, but do not forget to make it fun. Running miles alone can be a drag but laughing while doing burpees with friends and trainers is a blast!

And have a wonderful holiday season!

– From the Personal Trainers here at GYMGUYZ