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Men and women alike face difficulty when it comes to creating a plan and sticking to it, especially when that plan comes to changing one very important thing: yourself. When you’re trying to take action and create a healthier lifestyle for yourself, whatever your reason may be, sticking to a consistent schedule can be easier said than done. You might find yourself down in the dumps when you realize that you’re not seeing results or you’re having trouble doing everything exactly according to the plan you created, but before you beat yourself up over it, you need to understand that it goes deeper than personal motivation: Other lifestyle habits and your body itself might be working against your hard work without you even knowing it.

First of all, take care to note that weight loss, if this is your goal, is a tricky thing. Exercise plays an important factor, but what is equally as important is what you’re eating, as well as HOW you’re eating. If you’re exercising regularly but eat junky foods frequently, you can’t expect that the exercise will “undo” the harm that consuming unhealthy foods has done to your body. Eating certain foods at certain times in proximity to your workout can also make a difference. If you want to be healthy, a focus on what goes into your body is a must. This means avoiding sugar and alcohol as much as you can, and avoiding processed foods as well.

Another important fact to bookmark is that your body is biologically programmed to stay put— meaning it’s going to fight you when you try to shake things up. Think back to your 8th grade science classes where you learned about homeostasis. Your body wants to maintain stability, not only in terms of functioning and temperature, but also weight. So when you start working to shed pounds or gain muscle, you might not see results immediately. Your body needs consistent action in order to realize that the process is actually happening, and then it will start to work with you.

If your health and fitness is important to you but you’re not loving the methods you think you have to take to get there (like running), consider trying a different approach. While exercise and diet are the key factors, there is no cookie-cutter way to achieve fitness when it comes to your workouts. If you don’t like running, try biking or another form of cardio. If you’re just not a fan of cardio and would prefer to lift weights, then focus on strength training— but do realize that muscle, even though weighs the same amount as fat, it presents itself differently. Muscle is far more condensed, where fat is not. So if your goal is to lose weight, you might want to think about incorporating a relatively enjoyable form of cardio and weight training into your workout regimen.

Realize, ultimately, that the process of changing your body takes time and patience. As wonderful as it would be to wake up one morning and suddenly see the progress you’ve been waiting for, it doesn’t work like that. Set realistic goals and expectations for yourself and work towards them diligently. It will take hard work and dedication, don’t doubt that; but that’s just one more reason to be proud of yourself when you have the satisfaction of seeing progress and reaching that end goal.

If you’re frustrated with your current workout or nutritional situation, give us a call. We are happy to help get you on track to accomplishing your health and wellness goals.